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What is the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero?

Asked by redfeather (6502points) October 1st, 2011 from iPhone

Short of telling me to compare ingredients…( to all you buttheads who thought that first)

Why don’t they just make one or the other? Preferably Coke Zero because it tastes pretty boss?

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I love Coke Zero. While it is also made with aspartame, like Diet Coke (so much for comparing ingredients) it doesn’t have the horrible aspartame aftertaste (that feeling you’re secreting fake sugar in your saliva) that Diet Coke does.

However, Diet Coke has been around for a gagillion years, and has a lot of devoted followers who would revolt if their carbonated zero-calorie beverage of choice were to disappear.

Coca-Cola learned its lesson with New Coke – don’t fuck with people’s soda. Give ‘em new stuff, but keep the tried and true classics around.

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@Seek_Kolinahr yes! I hate that fake sugar aftertaste. To me, it tastes like cancer. GA, friend.

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Know what’s awesome? My local grocery store’s brand of diet sodas are made with Splenda, which is pretty damn awesome. And they have more flavors than Coke or Pepsi. The Black Cherry is my favourite. Oh, and it’s only 80 cents a bottle, instead of $1.50

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All I notice is the Zero tastes slightly sweeter.

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I can taste Splenda in whatever they put it in and it’s so gross to me. Blech.

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Different recipes.

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It’s pretty much the same difference between 1% milk and non-fat milk – Diet Coke is 1 calorie and Zero is no calories.

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My wife is a diet cokeaholic. ever since I’ve known her. A couple years ago I decided to start saving all the empty cans. We have maybe 30 -40 39 gallon yard bags full, stashed out in the barn with no way to get them to the recyclers for the money. Probably worth a pretty penny.
That’s a LOT of Diet Coke consumed over the years. She won’t even consider a different brand. I think CokeZero is closer to regular classic that I acquired the taste for back in my whiskey days.

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Some people like the taste of diet coke and it’s a unique flavor in and of itself, and Coke Zero is meant to taste more like regular coke.

I prefer Zero, diet’s pretty nasty when you don’t get it canned.

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Ya don’t get Diet Coke for the flavor, ya get it for the buzz ;\

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< has never gotten a Diet Coke buzz.

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