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Why does pop fizz up so bad when you have ice in the cup?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) November 7th, 2009


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because the colder it is the more “fizz” the liquid can hold. So when you pour a can of warm soda, it fizzes and the foam goes away, but when you pour it on ice or if it’s cold, the longer it takes for the carbon dioxide to release…learned it in chemistry, it was some gas law

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Why does tilting a glass and pouring a soda or beer with or without ice decrease the foam/head?

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@buster :: I would think that the CO2 gets diffused faster. Kinda like how taking a piss on a fence makes less noise than pissing on a sidewalk.

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pour your drink first then add the ice slowly, it works!!

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To prevent the soda from loosing it’s fizz, do the following.
Fill glass with ice.
Add water to get ice wet then pour the water off/out.
Tilt glass slightly, fill with soda.
Ta Da! You should notice a big difference!

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Wow, a new method of less fizz, i am going to try that and report back :)

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When my sister was about two years old she would put her face all close to it saying it tickled. Cute stuff.

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