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Does anyone have access to Tom Tomorrow comics from the early 1990s?

Asked by keobooks (14322points) October 1st, 2011

There is a specific panel or two from a Tom Tomorrow strip that I’d like to find from late 1993 or some time in 1994. Because they weren’t online until 1995, I am having a hard time finding the panel despite using a number of search parameters.

It’s the introduction of Sparky the Wonder Dog, who still shows up in many of the strips. He debuted as a Presidential candidate to go against Clinton and Dole. His main platforms were “Bad things are wrong” and “Ice cream is yummy.” (If not yummy, it was some other tasty adjective)

If anyone out there for some odd reason someone out there knows how to find this panel, could you post here or PM me?

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You could try contacting him and asking.

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I thought Sparky is a penguin.

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Could be. Since I don’t live in SF anymore, I don’t keep up with the strip. I only read it when I would get it free in the SF Weekly. I remember the penguin but I can’t remember the name. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got the dog’s name wrong too.

I do remember he was a little Boston Terrier or some other sort of bug eyed dog. Here is his pic.

Maybe I will write him. He would most likely know what I’m looking for—if not, I’d be a bit hosed.

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This strip is syndicated and appears in Phila. Citypaper and many others across the country as well as SF Weekly. Is it possible to find out which paper in your current area carried it in the 90s? It’s likely it could be found in their archives.

I’m not sure whether or not physical archives have gone the way of the dinosaur but I know that most newspapers are very thorough in archiving in one form or another.

Hmm… Was Microfiche still being used in the 90s or is that also extinct?

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