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What's the deal with the same loop of classical music being played for days from the apartment next door to me?

Asked by Jaltcoh (281points) October 2nd, 2011

My next-door neighbor has been playing a couple minutes of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony on repeat for over 24 hours. Actually, it starts with some other classical music that sounds like Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring (definitely not Beethoven). Then it abruptly switches to the middle of the second movement of Beethoven’s 7th. Beethoven’s 7th just plays for a minute or two and then gets cut off in the middle of an unresolved melody. It’s loud enough for me to hear very clearly in my apartment.

After that, there’s a period of silence lasting 5 or 10 minutes. Then the music starts again. This has been going on since Friday, I think.

I just knocked on his door — loudly and repeatedly — and there was no response.

I tried calling our live-in superintendent, but he wasn’t there.

I asked some friends about this, and they suggested he might be dead or in some kind of trouble, and that they would have already called 911!

I think it’s more likely he’s on vacation and accidentally put some kind of weird alarm clock on “snooze.”

Do you think I should try to do anything more about this?

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I would call the police. Better safe than sorry. If he is on vacation, he will appreciate that you worried about him. If he’s dead, the landlord will appreciate getting him out of there before the body starts decomposing.

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The music, I guess, comes from a DVD menu, which plays a tune on a loop.

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@Nullo Good idea.

It’s Sunday now, if it really did start on Friday, he could possibly be dead.

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Please post an upudate, if you wish, as to the outcome.

The Update Lady

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If he is dead… There isn’t anything you can do about it, if it’s been days, chances are he is dead. It’s a difficult call because they’re going to have to break in and if he is on vacation, he is probably going to be pissed. I would keep calling the super and if it starts to smell… You know for certain it’s time.

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Did you leave a message/voice mail for the superintendent when you called?

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Do you have a 24 hr emergency maintenance number?

Maybe the neighbor and the superintendent are being tortured and carved into bitty pieces by some whacked out ,Beethoven loving, ocd paring knife murderer on his way to an interview for a head chef position in a four star restaurant in the big apple?

I’d try the super for awhile then call the police. If something bad has happened, it’s better that the police find it.

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UPDATE: The superintendent came and opened the door. No one seemed to be there (based on looking around a little and calling out “Hello”). A computer in his bedroom is playing the music. The superintendent closed the bedroom door, so now I can still hear it but it’s much quieter.

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Thanks for the update! Glad it had a good outcome.

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That’s not exactly what I would call a good outcome. I mean, I like Beethoven and all, but still… hearing the same loop endlessly for 3 days and counting? Maybe you could get the superintendent to put the music on “Mute” or unplug the speakers. If he doesn’t know computers, you could show him how it’s done – or even let him watch while you do it yourself.

It seems pretty inconsiderate of the neighbor. He must have known what he was doing when he set it up that way.

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I agree. Have one of you turn the damned thing off and the other act as witness. Or throw the circuit breaker and turn off all the juice.

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@gailcalled Excellent idea! Breaker breaker!

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@Jaltcoh Did anyone check… *Spooky music .<—————HERE!

The shower… dun dun dunnnn.

I’m glad that he is okay, we hope? I think we need more updates as this progresses.

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If the person had been dead, you would have smelled the smell of all time with a decomposing body.

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This is the classic set-up for a murder mystery! The neighbor is undoubtedly been murdered and the clever criminal has set up this endless tape loop—just enough interest for you to wait several days before calling the cops and making a clean get-away! I love this shit!

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I can think of two possibilities:

1.) The guy croaked after setting his stereo on repeat.

2.) He went on vacation and left the stereo playing for his pets. I once had a girlfriend who let her TV going 24/7 for her dog. Drove me absolutely bonkers.

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Glad everything is okay Jaltcoh. (Hopefully there is not a trace for the corpse to be found!) But still, I would have completely turn the computer off anyways! You know, out of courtesy for the rest of the neighborhood ( Like @CWOTUS said, it would inconsiderate for the rest of the neighbors if you didn’t. I’m sure the neighborhood must’ve complained about it too?) and then I would later explain the little situation to your next door neighbor about what happened after he returns home. He would’ve appreciate it.

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My first guess is your neighbor went out of town and took the suggestion of some magazine or website that says music playing deters robbers, makes them think someone is home. It’s too bad he didn’t just run a playlist on a timer in order to respect you and the other neighbors.

My second guess is he’s dead. That would be pretty yucky by now though, I’m sure you’d suspect by other ways than music. Ick.

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UPDATE: My neighbor came home (alive), and the music has stopped playing.

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

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“My first guess is your neighbor went out of town and took the suggestion of some magazine or website that says music playing deters robbers, makes them think someone is home. It’s too bad he didn’t just run a playlist on a timer in order to respect you and the other neighbors.”

Interesting. I’ll talk to him about this. If he was trying to signal that he was at home, it had the opposite effect.

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“But still, I would have completely turn the computer off anyways! You know, out of courtesy for the rest of the neighborhood ( Like @CWOTUS said, it would inconsiderate for the rest of the neighbors if you didn’t.”

First of all, I’m the only other person on the floor, although people above or below him might be able to hear.

More to the point: I wasn’t about to enter his apartment, even after the superintendent opened the door. I deferred to the super in how much to meddle with my neighbor’s privacy, and the super’s decision was to shut the door instead of turning off the computer. I’m extremely averse to doing anything to someone else’s personal computer; I’d rather just live with the noise than interfere with someone’s privacy like that.

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I’m mostly in your camp on that, except that if I had to listen to an endless loop of music for three days, I’d be inclined to break down his dog, rape his door and kill his woman, or some combination thereof, and not necessarily in that order.

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When I said I was glad it had a good outcome, I meant I was glad that the music was not left on due to the neighbor being dead. Anything other than that is, to me, a good outcome.

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@Jaltcoh I was only seconding CWOTUS’s opinion about taking care of the music problem especially if it has been persisting for more than three days. Also I never implied that you should physically take care of the problem yourself. When I said ” (If it were me) I would have completely turn the computer off anyways,” I meant by having the supervisor taking care of that. After all, we are talking about three straight days here.
Keep in mind that this was all just base on my humble opinion. You don’t necessarily have to take them into consideration if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. I’m also sorry if my previous answer have offended you in any manner or whatsoever. That was not my intention

I mean sure, if the music was only left on for a day, I would just assume that the neighbor was having a party or a small get-together at his apartment. I wouldn’t bother to do anything about it then. However, if it has been playing for three straight days or so then something has to be wrong. After all, you never knew what might’ve happened then. That’s why you asked your friends for help, right? In case the problem really did turn out to be an emergency.

Now I understand that you want to respect your neighbor’s privacy. That’s fine. I’m assuming that you two aren’t really that close as neighbors and that you don’t want to get into anymore trouble with him. I think your own solution for shutting the neighbor’s bedroom door was just as fine and that you are okay with it. But since you mentioned that it was only just you living on the same floor and that the music was not bothering anybody else, then I guess it’s not too much of a hassle to take care of after all.

By the way, was the neighbor’s bedroom on your side of the apartment or on the other side? Were the walls of your apartment very thin too?

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