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My iPhone's ringtone doesn't work . Help fix it please .

Asked by sandystrachan (4417points) October 2nd, 2011

So I have the 3GS , I have two both have exactly the same apps and settings .
Both are Jailbroken and have the same jailbroken apps and tweaks .
For some reason one of the phones won’t ring , The volume is full the side switch is up too .

The thing about that silent switch is , If I shake the phone or jolt it real quick . The phone acts as if I just pushed it down , Shows the animation and vibrates .

Is the phone borked or can Something trigger it to work again .

Is their a diagnostic box/app I could run to see whats up ?

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I assume you’ve looked at the settings in “Settings.” It sounds as if it might be a physical problem because of the way it acts when you shake it.

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Does the speaker even work? I know my old iPod Touch had the speaker die when it was just over a year old. Considering that the two share much of the same hardware, I suspect that you might have the same issue I did. Try playing music or some game with sound.

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Yea speaker works , ALL other tones work apart from ring . :/
Totally confused as to why this happened .

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Try a different ringtone, maybe its not in the .caf format this time for some reason. The filesystem also changes sometimes with the IOS, and I havent worked with iphones. Do the default ones work?

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the switch is probably broken, replace the switch, you can buy it on ebay or reset the phone to factory settings (lock it) and take it to Apple Store

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