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Do you wish music played during epic moments of your life?

Asked by Tbag (3549points) October 2nd, 2011

It would be awesome if it happened in real life and not just in films! There must be some epic moment that happened once during your lifetime, want to share? Name the soundtrack you would choose for that epic moment of yours.

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I imagine the song Fever playing when I am eye flirting with a woman, it just happens in my head.

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This would be the ultimate song to play during my “epic” moments.

GabrielsLamb's avatar

Yeah, this!

Plankton is a little D*ck…

geeky_mama's avatar

This song has been a fitting background song playing in my head in moments in my life.. (though the video is so not like my life at all).

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I wish epic music played during boring moments of my life to make them epic. Not any music in particular, but a spontaneous soundtrack to correlate with whatever is going on at the time.

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I always wished O Fortuna would play loudly as I’m picking out a new toothbrush.

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Definitely. My life would have a kickin soundtrack. Only Ke$ha because I’m a whorebag.


Neizvestnaya's avatar

It does play, in my head.

Bluefreedom's avatar

Just about every day of my life, it would be appropriate for the song “Nobody Does It Better” (by Carly Simon) to be played. I’m just that good…..and proud of it too. =)

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LMAO. That would be hilarious. Our hero, @Blackberry enters the personal care aisle of his local grocery store and suddenly encounters hundreds of toothbrushes! They are are all slightly different, some simple, some incredibly complex and ornate, all promising him something. But which one? How to choose? But he must choose! There’s no turning back! That is epic.

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I wish life was like the movies, and songs would play, when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I say something awesome… I wish…

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I actually started a slow clap in a movie theater once, blaring trumpets would of been appropriate at that moment I think. I remember winning a very tough fist fight back in high school and it would of been nice to have some southwestern style music play as I walked into the sunset.

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When I was leaving to go overseas I turned to my BF and started to sing the Vera Lynn number – We’ll Meet Again song link and he joined in and we stood there with outstretched arms singing this song to each other and then we started laughing. (this was at home folks, not at the airport in front of bewildered strangers, ha ha)

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Music is always playing when I do something good (or bad).. It’s the only thing I have to drown out those constant voices.

lonelydragon's avatar

I wish my life was a musical, and that songs would play that correspond with my mood at the moment.

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That would be amazing. It plays in my head, like Muse, or Taylor Swift, or AfroJack (: It really depends on the moment, but, That. Would. Be. Epic. :D

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