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About how much will my hospital bill cost for an ambulance ride?

Asked by chelle21689 (7900points) October 2nd, 2011

I got into my first car accident today with my boyfriend. Went too fast around the corner and hit a tree, it was really scary. They called the ambulance and had to make sure my back was straight, we rode to the hospital, and they took a couple x-rays, checked to see if there was any pain and sent me home.

My boyfriend feels bad about this because he wanted me to go to his car club meeting with him. They drive fast around s-curves on the roads and he’s done it tons of time and have never been hurt. This was his first accident and he was crying and felt really terrible and said he’d offer to pay since it was his fault and that I barely make any money. Should I have him pay half of the cost?

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Wowza! Do you have any medical insurance? If you don’t then expect a bill just for the ambulance to be about $1000.00. Did your bf wreck your car or his? You’re very lucky to be intact.

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It’s going to vary a huge amount based on where you are and whether or not you’re insured.

Where I live (Texas in the US) the uninsured cost for an emergency room visit usually starts around $600 for a checkup, an ambulance ride is usually around $800. X-rays would add to it from there.

Insured costs will be lower in almost all cases so that’s a huge part of the question when it comes to what you’ll actually have to pay. If you’re insured, call your insurance company tomorrow and they should be able to answer your question more completely.

I’m glad you’re ok.

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Was he driving? It sounds like he was so you shouldn’t pay a fucking dime.

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No I don’t have insurance. I don’t make very much money at all. My savings are barely 1,000…. I’m 22 but I work for my parents business as a cashier and don’t get paid much. They pay for my schooling though so it’s okay. My boyfriend makes a lot more as a mechanic at Lexus, he’ 21. He totaled his car and will be having to get a new one.

I am hoping the hospital bill won’t be more than 1,000.

I really feel like an idiot that I went but I guess I know now. =\ If it helps I’m in OHio

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Does he have insurance? Was he driving?

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He has insurance and he was driving. State Farm

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Then let the insurance take care of it.

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As others have said, it depends. There are a lot of factors. My younger son has been the occasion of our ambulance calls, and they were all in the vicinity of $900. But when it was a pure unarguable accident, the insurance company did pay 100% after several long telephone calls.

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Our town has volunteer ambulance with paid servce as back up. A “ride” cost $375.

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Johnpowell, so his insurance covers accident injuries if it was HIS fault and if I’m just a pasesenger?

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chelle, You’re getting into really specific questions that only the respective insurance agent can answer.

I’d advise you to have an in depth conversation with your BF about how to proceed further with respect to insurance coverage.

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Up in the northeast it was around $200 when my daughter was taken and they sent me the bill before they had her insurance card which my mom didn’t have at the time.

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The emergency room admitting should be given your bf’s insurance company information.

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mine was 1200, and I always hear figures around the 1k mark.

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have his insurance company pay it.

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If he has auto insurance, he has a medical portion to cover anyone injured in the accident. State Farm should be calling to give you a claim number, a phone number to reach them, and a “Team Number” to get you to the person handling the accident. When you get the hospital and ambulance bill (they will be separate) send a copy to State Farm, and they will pay the ambulance and hospital directly.

If you don’t gate a call within ten days, call State Farm yourself.

And by the way, tell your boyfriend to quit thinking he is in “Fast and Furious Texas Style” before he is either killed or paralyzed.

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Your ambulance bill is not your hospital bill (unless the hospital sent it’s own ambulance to pick you up). Your medical bills may be paid by your boyfriend’s auto insurance. The actual ambulance bill will probably be $800 to $1300 if the trip from the scene to the hospital was local.

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I just dug through my ambulance and emergency room admitting bills from last year.

$1100. ambulance ride
$300. emergency room admitting
$325. E.R. doctor to look at me for all of 5 minutes

I can’t imagine what your x-rays will cost.

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oh.. Yeah I don’t want him to do any more of those :\ But you can’t stop someone. I just hope that his insurance covers most of it because I don’t want to be dead broke..

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In Nashville, the going rate for a land ambulance is around $500 dollars. An air ambulance is around $5,000 dollars.

Walking to the ER is free.

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@chelle21689: Do you have any issue the fact this guy chose to put you in danger like that? I sure would and if I were your parents, I’d be furious.

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I think he knows that. I guess since he has done it with his club many times that he didn’t think it would happen. He is remorseful, he cried, he offered to help pay, and was very comforting. He really is a good guy though. He said he wouldn’t ever want to put someone in harm again. If only he’d have that feeling about himself.

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so my bill was 1500 but i’m covered up to 5000. i’ll be getting another 200 just because. they also asked me if i planned to get further treatment..I think i’ll be saying yes just in case.

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Before I retired from the volunteer ambulance servise I worked for the average bill was around $500 plus extras like oxygen or meds if you belonged to our ambulance district. If you were not in the district you could expect the bill to be double.

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I think the amount will vary depending on where you live; but I had a fall last year & was conscious the entire time. I live less than 4 miles from my nearest hospital & they charged me $700. The time before this was was over 10 years ago & they had charged me $100; so needless to say, I was shocked to see $700. I expected it to be a little bit higher but $600 more seems a bit excessive to me!!!

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