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Girl lacrosse?

Asked by fldhky (4points) May 9th, 2008 from iPhone

is girls lacrosse hard cus I wanna play and Im just wondering

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No it’s not hard, it’s non contact so unlike men’s which can be pretty brutal, you will get pulled up if you run into someone or bring your stick too close. I’ve been playing for a few years and I love it, It’s great fun. I actually play on a mixed team at the moment but it goes by girls rules so no chance of getting trampled by the men :P If you think you want to play just go for it :)

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I actually just watched a girls game today. They seem to all have fun with it. I’ve played guys lacrosse for 4 years and it’s been my favorite sport since the day I picked it up.

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i LOVE the sport. great workout & it really toned up my arms! haha but if you hate running and getting aggressive then you prolly shouldnt do it

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i played guys lacrosse all through high school and i always thought it was pretty weak because there was no contact. but that was only from watching my high school girls team, that wasnt very good. this past year i went to some college girls games at school and they are actually pretty sweet looking, if they can manage to pass and catch well its really fast paced and lots of action, without the brutality of guys lax

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