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What is the girliest car?

Asked by Samant (183points) October 6th, 2011

I’m interested to know what cars are considered girl and women cars. Is there specific models, brands or colors that is considered female cars? Interested in opinions.

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The current VW Bug.

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… since at least 2000, too.

I was working for a company in California in 2000 and the boss took us to lunch one day. He was driving his wife’s new VW Bug, and he commented as we left the parking lot, “I wonder why people call this a girl’s car, anyway? It’s nice, it has a lot of power and goes fast…”

I pointed to the bud vase mounted on the steering column – with a fake flower it it – and asked, “Do you think it might be that?” A year later I was gone.

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I am somewhat girly, but, I want me a damn ‘64 Mustang.

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I don’t know.

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There is no such thing.

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This is what my mum has got (that is not my mum in the picture though) and I consider it to be very girly!

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Any car that says Pink Lady.

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I heard a comedian say that a Prius is like riding in a vagina

I think of “cute” cars as appealing more to women than guys. Top of the “cute” list would have to be the Mini or the Smart.

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I knew a girl in high school that drove a beautifully restored 67 or 68 Mustang. I always thought of that as a nice girly car.Turned out she was a lesbian. I found that out when she dragged her girlfriend out of my bed.

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@Adirondackwannabe You always have awesome stories!

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@Adirondackwannabe Sorry about that. I’m pretty sure that I left my discman on your counter. ;)

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Hey, I got a great story out of it. Just a warning to other guys: Watch out for women driving Mustangs. :)

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Nissan Micra, color pink

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@Jude I always wondered where that discman came from.

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So… I saw a black and white Mini Cooper the other day that had the headlight modified to include long black “eyelashes” around the outside of the headlight rims.

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My son always thought the Cabriolet was a chick car.

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One guy I know (who happens to be a bit of an asshole) drives a white Rav4, and my friends always se he “literally drives a vagina”.

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I LOVE Thunderbirds…not gender specific, but, a hot little T-bird makes a woman feel sexier. lol

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This, courtesy of our dear departed (again) @cruiser.

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I see so many of these buggies driving around, some adorned with flower petals & shit, all driven by girlies.
Even the car is designed to look like a woman, big rear end, empty headed & a gormless grin ;¬}

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Odd. Very odd. Other than agreeing with @ANef_is_Enuf (“There is no such thing.”), the only people I know who drive a Prius are dudes (a couple of artist dudes, a financial planner dude, and a ton of software developer dudes).
Let me add that if fuel economy == “girly”, then my next car search will be a search for the “girliest”.

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For me a girlie car that springs to mine would be a Ford Ka or maybe a Peugeot 206cc, then again The New Mini, aaaannnd the MG T-F & yeah the VW BEETLE too…… :-/

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Cars have gender? How strange

Where do they put the bits & baubbles? I must’ve missed those on our car.

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My car has a hood ornament and every Xmas I clip a crystal snowflake on it, it looks exactly like it belongs there. :-)

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Oh, wait, I change my answer. Gail’s son is right, it’s the VW Cabriolet.

Honestly, I’ve known three people with Cabriolets, and all were sorority girls who received the car as a college graduation gift.

Fun car, though.

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@Coloma On one of our jeeps and one of our vans, we used to put a wreath w/battery opperated lights over the grill during the holiday season

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The Nissan GT-R, because it’s a chick magnet.

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The Peugeot 206CC (discontinued in 2010) was popular in Europe, but had an almost entirely female market. Only 13% of buyers were male, apparently.

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@janbb Oops, sorry, yes, your son

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I’ve always wanted to buy a restored Nash Metropolitan. I adore those little cars!
Mine would be painted two tone, tangerine and cream! Howz that for girlie? :-D

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I second VW bug, but the PT Cruiser is a close second. I always wondered why they didn’t make that bud vase (On VW) convertible to a cigar holder or something to make it more masculine.
I also feel like the Lexus is pretty prissy looking. It just screams REALTOR in a cheer leader catty sort of way.

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Do we really live in such a gendered society that inanimate objects have to be assigned, as well?

The only cars that I can call “girlie” would be ones that look like a Barbie car, but that just means the car is pink, really. We all know pink is a girlie color, afterall.~

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@tinyfaery Yep. In particular, some people feel the Mitsubishi Spyder is a woman’s car, and the Toyota Avalon convertible is a woman’s car.

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The smart car (which I don’t consider smart – it doesn’t even get much better mileage than my Civic).

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According to the car guys the top five chick cars are:

5. Dodge Neon
“Neons are Barbie cars: little and cute and rounded in the hips. Even in black, they are feminine and adorable, only just a bit tougher, like Tattoo Barbie.”

4. VW Jetta
“Anything by Volkswagen is a chick car. VW realized this years ago and joined forces with another company to sell guy cars—they called that company Porsche.”

3. Mazda Miata
“I discovered this phenomenon when I got a Miata. “Girlie car.” That’s all I heard.”

2. VW Cabriolet
“All teen-age girls classify them as cute. ‘Nuff said.”

1. VW Beetle
“The VW Beetle. A chick car, definitely. And made to be so. How? I know of no other automobile with a FLOWER VASE as standard equipment.”

According to Forbes, these are the cars registered most often by women:

1. 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse two-door
2. 2006 Audi TT two-door
3. 2006 Volkswagen New Beetle two-door
4. 2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor SUV
5. 2007 Saturn Sky convertible

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I’m a little weirded out that all the little sport cars have been pounced on by the girls. But I guess there’s a bit of bad girl going around up until they start having kids, in which case they turn into minivan consumers.

The top registered guy cars are almost all Mercedes. Cute vs. Power. Who’da thunk?

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@wundayatta Maybe I just started paying attention, I don’t know. But it seems like there’s been an influx of women in sports cars.

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DUH- the pink Mary Kay Cadillac!!!

No one said this? WTF is wrong with you guys? :P

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@WillWorkForChocolate Did you miss your morning chocolate break? @EnchantingEla said that ^^^ up there~

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@WillWorkForChocolate Same thought, slower on the keyboard. Just before my first answer.

WillWorkForChocolate's avatar

@SpatzieLover and @Adirondackwannabe Oh damn. Sorry!!! Must be the new contacts… :P

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Some of your replies boys and girls are really awesome ^^

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A pink VW bug or any color except black or neutral, small convertible. And if it has an antenna, it’ll have a flower on it.

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The VW Turbo S was Volkswagen’s attempt to make a manly Beetle. My husband has one in gunmetal gray. It has a Porsche 6 speed manual transmission and every conceivable option. They didn’t make a lot of them though.

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Porsche Boxter
Mercedes Benz CLK
Toyota Rav4
and of course, who would doubt this—>

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This one…

I love him… HE is my soulmate!

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A Toyota Yaris.

If I saw a guy driving one I would say “WTF Dude”?

It is the Purse Dog of Cars.

disclaimer…I mean no disrespect to anyone

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@blueiiznh My old pharmacist drives one, a compact grey model… I think he looks rather dapper in it too.

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The modern VW Beetle. Most VW’s in fact (if not all).

I think the Mazda Miata is up there. I get embarrassed for men when I see them driving a Miata.

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I like them too! Just not for men, LOL

When a man drives a Miata, it reminds me of the oldschool HappyMeal toys where there is a tiny car with a huge character in it.

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A V6 Mustang is more or less considered as a “girlie” car among us Mustang Fanatics where as a V8 is a manly car. But that V6 is still pretty sweet

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Since JLo has come out in the Fiat 500 ads, expect the new Italian compact car to replace the VW bug.

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I think the PT Cruiser definitely has a reputation for being a little old lady’s car. I love mine. :)

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I’m going to have to mention the cute little bubblegum pink Jeep that I keep seeing around town. That is one girly car!

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I respectfully disagree that a jeep is girlie. Pink is only a color.
Pink jeep tours are far from girlie.
Just sayin

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I don’t know, @blueiiznh… this jeep is all kinds of girly decked out, haha! And a teenage girl drives it, which just makes it that much more adorable. :D

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I then yield to the cute pink jeep

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Definitely a VW Beetle in a neon color. They do come with a flower vase after all. I like VW models in general but it can get a chuckle from other people on the road if it is a dude driving a pink Beetle. :)

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@blueiiznh I don’t know – have you ever seen Barbie’s pink jeep?

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@Skaggfacemutt Seen it? I have driven one!!!!!

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