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What do you think of Computer Engineer Barbie?

Asked by phoenyx (7401points) February 14th, 2010

Here’s a picture.

Here’s an article in the New York Times.

Here’s a google news search.

Will it influence girls to go into computer related fields? Will it be a flop? Does it break stereotypes or just reinforce different ones? Would you get one for your kid?

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Generally, I don’t think of it. ;)
Basically this is fine, but it’s still not very mentally stimulating, compared to toys that are marketed towards boys. It’s nice that girls will see they can be a computer engineer, but it’d be better to get them a toy that will help them someday BE a computer engineer.

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Cool. Will there be a administrative assistant named Ken?

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Why do you have to wear glasses if you are smart? I think it is fine. It’s Barbie! She is a doll and her main gig is being pretty and having a great figure, that will always be true. I think it says pretty girls can be smart to, more than inspiring young girls to be Computer Engineers.

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I think she should have been a brunette.

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She looks just like the other computer engineers in my office. Not!

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Finally Miss Hilton has been put to work.It’ll all turn to shit though.

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@casheroo Why? That goes along with the glasses thing I think. Maybe blond, barbie looking girls should know they can be taken seriously also.

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@JLeslie Oh, just to play into the stereotype. I was just kidding, I forgot that squiggly line Oh, but I do think with the glasses, brown hair would have looked cuter.

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I’m fine with it. She’s a doll and isn’t meant to be the final say in girls’ toys. Buy them legos, barbies and a microscope- good to go.

I dig the glasses. I wish Barbie had glasses when I was a kid. Would’ve made the transition easier.

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@casheroo Are there brunette Barbies? I mean is it still Barbie if she has brown hair?

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@JLeslie Yeah, there were brunette Barbies..she had a lot of friends. This gives you the Barbie history And I had Teresa, who is Barbie’s friend..she’s a brunette.

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It could be worst,,,, check out Trailer Trash Barbie !

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Wonder if she dyes her pubes.

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@casheroo I only had a Marie Osmond doll when I was little LOL.

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@ucme brazilian wax

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@Trillian Of course. Ken is fastidious about oral hygeine.

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@Pretty_Lilly I know how wrong it was of me, but I almost LOLd. (Damn, there I go verbing another acronym; I badded.)

I’m wondering what she looks like under the odd-looking top. Lose the top, sexy up the vest, and CW would completely approve.

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@CyanoticWasp Raaahhhhhh! Why must you insist on angering the goddess? Snap out of it! I will smite thee with lightnings from my fingertips!

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@Trillian sounds sexy as hell. When can we start?

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Pure marketing is all. Hard to reinvent an American Icon like a Barbie Doll and may as well be a computer engineer sure beats a coked up pop singer Barbie.

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@CyanoticWasp RRRAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I’ve been noticing some remarks you’ve made on other threads!! The goddess is not pleased with you!!! Do you and Chaz Maz take turns pissing me off? Come thunder!! Come lightning!! Come torrential rains and hurricane winds!!! (points to poor, hapless dope standing there looking all shocked.) Show him the error of angering the goddess!! Scour his very soul from existence for at least half an hour! Make him take out the trash!! Force him to watch a GIRL MOVIE!!
(I have so much fun with this. Thanks for playing, @cw)!

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@Trillian oh, please goddess, don’ t’row me in fron’ of a chick flick. T’row me in de briar patch if you must, but don’ for de life ob me t’row me in fron’ of a chick flick.

I like them. I took out the trash a few days ago; it won’t be needing to be emptied for another day or two.

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Barbie has always been quite in tune with her environment and time period, (How else would she have been so successful.) even if it might seem superficial to some. I think it’s pretty normal, but I gotta wonder, what took em.

Any girl that coulda benefited from that five years ago is now either making a living by wasting people in Halo tournaments or designing Japanese cell layouts.

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I’m doing computer science in college at the moment and I could certainly do with some good looking computer engineers walking around.

<Hopes this works>

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Better than 90s Teen Talk Barbie that had a little recording where she said “Math class is tough!!” ::rolls eyes::

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Fact from fiction, truth from diciton. C’mon, did any of the other Barbies like those of scientist, doctors, maybe construction workers or any other prodominately male fields spark more girls to get into them? Not that I have seen. It will be just another cute Barbie mothing more.

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@Hypocrisy_Central: C’mon, did any of the other Barbies like those of scientist, doctors, maybe construction workers or any other prodominately [sic] male fields spark more girls to get into them?

one, how do you know they didn’t? two, they didn’t discourage from from getting into them, did they?

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@Ria777 I read in Time or Newsweek months ago that it was still lopsided when it come to tech and science careers and job in spite of more women being in the work place now than ever.

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@Hypocrisy_Central: you stated that those lines of Barbie dolls had no effect. the fact that the numbers haven’t changed doesn’t prove that they had no effect.

(also, the poll presumably over covers adults and not girls who have yet to go into careers.)

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@Ria777 The OP asked if that barbie will influence girls to go into the computer field, OK, maybe a few but not enought to make a noticeable wave; barely a ripple of a small pebble in a pond.

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better than nothing.

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