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What is something you're pretty good at, but actually don't enjoy doing?

Asked by Nimis (13255points) October 6th, 2011

I don’t mean paying the bills on time or scaring little children.
More along the lines of how skill/talent don’t always a good career (or hobby) make.

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would uninhibited, unbridled sex considerable?

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I am an excellent sales person. But that being said, I hate taking advantage of people so, I don’t do it as a career.

But I could sell tenticles to an octopod.

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Doing laundry.

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Mathematics. I was an advanced mathematics student in middle school and high school, and one teacher encouraged me to major in mathematics (which definitely opens up a number of career options), but I was never into it enough to join the math team or really get into calculus.

I’ve been known to solve problems for the fun of it, but it’s not something I could sustain an interest in day after day as either a hobby or a career. I like mathematics more as an exercise in logic (which is something in which I am very interested).

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Domestic chores….Ironing, Washing Windows, Sewing, Brake Jobs, etc. They are necessary evils to me.

Speaking my mind to put somebody in their place when they are being a jerk.

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Running, biochemistry, and calculus.

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Writing essays.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard If you’re good at it, I suggested this once already today but I don’t know if you saw it?

It takes the pain out of writing, and get’s the job done. Until of course you get larengytis…

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I’m good at working with chocolate, but I did it for so long that the thrill is truly gone, I’m afraid. I enjoyed it passionately for many years, but it’s not a very expansive field and toward the end of my chocolate career I felt there weren’t many more surprises in store. Burnout sat in.

I continued to teach, because it was quite fun passing on what I knew to people for whom it still seemed wondrous and magical, but I wouldn’t much care if I never made another chocolate.

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Coming up with great outfits.

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In college I auditioned for a play. It was The Shadow Box. I auditioned for every female part except 1. I didn’t want to be the old lady Felicity. At the end of the auditions, the director specifically asked me to audition for the 1 part I didn’t want. I really wanted a more glamorous part.
I had worked in nursing homes in High School and nailed the part. I knew how senile old women acted and ended up being the hit of the show.


Writing essays. I always got top marks in university for writing essays, but I hated doing them.

Driving. I’m an excellent driver, but I hate driving in the city.

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Accounting. I do the books for two businesses at present, and I hate it with a passion. When I am qualified for a different job, I will never do anything to do with accounts again.

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Decorating, I only do for friends who are about to kill each other…….

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Well, I enjoy it a little, but only when I’m in the right mood.

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@Judi That’s really awesome! They say that alot about actors and parts. I’m glad that you shined!

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@Jeruba You’re lucky to be able to do that, I have no head for those kinds of things, but I wish I could do it.

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@GabrielsLamb Just FYI….Here, they prefer that you make all of your comments in one post. I ran into that when I came from a website where it was considered good manners to address one person at a time. I got in trouble! So, just so you know…WTH is your avatar! I’ll blow it up and look…..should I be scairt??.

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I’m a good singer and whilst I enjoy singing when alone, I hate singing in front of an audience. I force myself to do it from time to time but it makes me feel sick.

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I’m sort of in agreement with @Judi. I’m trying desperately not to be “crotchety old man” now.

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@CWOTUS , I think I was a crotchety old woman this morning. I got an answer moderated for being, “unhelpful,” and when I think about it, I really was kind of snippy. I can’t wait until I’m old enough that I don’t care.

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I’ll let you know if I live long enough for that to occur. And if I still remember.

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@all – Nope. I’ll get slapped as usual….sigh

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