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DSLR Lens'?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) August 28th, 2008

If I go ahed and get a Nikon D60, Would you recommend that a get one big lens with a great range of focal lengths (18–200mm) or multiple lenses with different sets of focal lengths (18–55mm,55–200mm etc.)

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if you have the money, get the different lenses, right now i have an 18–55, and the next one will be be a *-200, then stepping up after that, or maybe a macro lens after that, but hey, it’s your money

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My D40 came with a 18–55, then I got a 70–300mm Sigma with a macro function. I got very used to changing lenses for wide angle at 18mm to zoom at 300mm. The Sigma lens was only $300 US and works perfectly.
(NB: My sigma lens is manual focus only and therefore takes some getting used to before you can focus it quicker than auto focus would take)

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only 300 ? i should check if i could get it shipped to holland, it sounds like a pretty descent lens for more precision shots, thanks for the link

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I bought it in Singapore, Best deal ever!

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