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Windows , how to change primary display?

Asked by XOIIO (18113points) October 7th, 2011

I have two monitors hooked up, I can choose which one is the main monitor with the desktop on it, but not which one is primary when they are identified as one and two.

The problem is the screensaver I am using starts up on the smaller one, and I think its having trouble keeping up with the intro sequence, so how do I change which monitor is the primary one?

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Control Panel | Display | Properties | Settings | Advanced if it is Windows.
It is also going to depend greatly on what drivers are being used.
There are also plenty of free dual monitor control programs out there.

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Turn the comouter off and switch the plugs on the graphics card.

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@the100thmonkey Thats the thing, it does that no matter which way the ports are connected

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If you have a video card that uses a VGA Y-cable, the branches of the VGA are usually marked with 1 and 2 for monitor indentification. If not, please describe your video graphics set-up.

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Well, I installed the catalyst controll software and now it works. wierd.

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