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Are there any free alternatives to

Asked by asmonet (21445points) October 8th, 2011

I’m looking for a weekly meal planner that could emphasize cooking for one. I found the above mentioned website and was instantly convinced it had everything I was looking for. The plans could focus on the proteins, veg, etc. you wanted and exclude the things you did not want. You could send the list to your iPhone and it would also send you deals and coupons from your selected stores every week, ensuring you saved as much money as possible.

I signed up for an account and without any warning everything I clicked on the site led me to the subscription page. Nothing prior to that point clued me in that it was a paid service. Then again, too good to be true and all that. There is mention of a free membership with some functionality, but every page I go to brings up the subscription. I can’t even look around anymore!

Is there anything with a similar level of functionality that does not require a paid subscription?

I am NOT looking for another website where you simply enter a list of ingredients into a site that then returns hundreds of recipes that barely qualify for a meal – like Super Cook or Recipe Matcher.

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Something might be useful here

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The trouble I’ve found on menu planners is that they don’t usually tell you what to do with leftovers. However, make a list of your favorite food. Find recipes for 4 people, divide the recipe by 4, for 1 portion. Or by 2 for 2 portions if you want it another day as well. Keep the recipes on 3 X 5 cards. Use any leftover egg in an omelet with another whole egg. I used to get a piece of meat, cut it in half and cook it two different ways.

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I have good luck with this one

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I like yours.

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