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How often do you eat out?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23163points) November 19th, 2011

Do you usually cook, and eat out less frequently? Or do you tend to burn everything you touch and choose to eat out most of the time?

And as a side question, what are your favorite restaurants when you do eat out?

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Once a month. My mum cooks usually, which is better than any restaurant. Over here, Birmingham is full of good places to eat, my favourite is Dixy Chicken or Nando’s.

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We used to eat out 2–3 times a week in very nice restaurants but in order to get our finances in order as a couple, we eat out about once a week and it’s usually sushi. Aside from that, we each fend for ourselves for lunches and my mother cooks most of our dinners.

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I usually cook, or snack, and eat out perhaps three times in a month usually Indian, of which there are lots to choose from or Italian. I occasionally like to go to Pizza Hut or even McDonald’s.

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5 times a week.

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Due to financial difficult times we eat out maybe three times a year.
Would love to do so once a week/forthnight.
Favorite restaurant this year is the Chinese (their wok buffet is yummy).

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We get takeout a lot more often than eating out. Usually if we go out it’s with friends. This week was pretty standard. Sunday takeout (Japanese), Monday cooked, Tuesday cooked, Wednesday takeout (Mexican), Thursday cooked, Friday dinner out with friends. I might cook tonight if this hangover goes away enough to get out of bed again, otherwise it will probably be another takeout night.

When I was single I cooked pretty much every night.

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Not very much anymore. We have cut down from once or twice a month to three or four times a year.

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Lol. Eat out.
Um, about once or twice a month with my boyfriend. Usually Chinese.

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We used to eat out quite a lot when we lived in the city center, since moving to the suburbs not quite so much, although there is an amazing Thai/Vietnamese restaurant just 5 minutes walk away, we maybe go there every other month. We probably eat out now on average every other week just by ourselves and then on top of that is the birthday meals we seem to constantly go on. (can we not think of something to do other than eat on our birthdays?)

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Maybe twice a year? Most of what is offered in restaurants and such is too salty/fatty for me. I really only eat out if I’m traveling or visiting people.

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When I get an invitation. I mostly cook at home to save on expenses.
I like to go places where I can’t make the same thing at home, although I often get recipes for the things I do like at restaurants. The latest is an Afghan recipe for pumpkin. I’m looking forward to making it.

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Probably a little too often. Part of the reason is that I get asked to go somewhere to eat by people quite often and it’s rare than I turn down such an invitation. I’ve been trying to eat out a little less recently, however.

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I’d say average, once a week. Sometimes more.
Mostly when I take my daughter and her boyfriend out, or with friends.

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Maybe twice a month.
I usually cook and prefer to.
When I do it is because I may be a bit far from home on some spontaneous adventure.

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My mom and I are really good cooks. We take pride in the food we make. We almost never eat out. Maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Thanks to this question though I now have a strong craving to go to my favorite restaurant. It’s called sandwiches and shakes or steak and shakes or something like that. It serves simple yet delicious sandwiches, steak, fries and monster sized thick yummy milkshakes!

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Where is the NSFW tag?
I eat out more than I eat out, if you know what I’m sayin’..

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Whenever I can get her consent…

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At least once per week. Usually Friday Fish Fry. Also I will eat lunch out about 1 time per week with some coworkers. This morning, Saturday, we had a 4 hour breakfast meeting 7:30–11:30! (Don’t worry. We tip very well.)

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Very rarely and if I do I prefer to be with somebody since I hate eating in any type of food establishment alone. I like to cook, even after a 14 hour workday breaking my back I still usually have motivation to cook something.

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I rarely eat out. When I do I like to go with my kids to family oriented places. (Cracker Barrel, Applebee’s, ect)
When I cook, I will usually burn my fingers or various parts of me rather than the food itself (though I have set off the smoke alarm a few times). I have been cooking since I was about 12 yrs old, so I can cook, I just don’t like to that much. My kitchen is a nook and I get lonely in it lol : (

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I take my mother to an Italian restaurant every two weeks for a Saturday afternoon lunch/early dinner.

Other than that, never.

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Rarely. I hate going to restaurants really, even if they’re good. I go occasionally to a chinese buffet because they have a huge variety of fantastic sushi, and my mom really likes going. But aside from that, only if a friend wants to, and only if I can’t avoid it.

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I haven’t eaten out in a while… in any sense… sigh, hope my tongue skills don’t get rusty…

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Every weekend.

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1–2 times a week. The reasons are in order fat content and calories in restaurant food, cost, preferring what I cook most of the time, and comfort of being home.

Favorite restaurants:

- J. Alexanders
– A local Mexican restaurant here in town
– Pizza place close by
– PF Changs, or a good local chinese place
– Ruby Tuesdays (hands down my favorite of the moderate American chain restaurants)
– When I lived in FL there was a local Italian restaurant around the corner from me that was fantastic.
– Also in FL a couple Cuban places
– Toojays in FL for deli and salads

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Used to be at least once a week but now because money is tighter, it’s more like once a month. My favourite restaurant is this one

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I tend to have a hot meal every day from the cafe at work which saves me from cooking at home in the evening (plus I prefer my main meal to be at lunchtime). As far as eating out at a restaurant for pleasure and not because I am at work, I would say about once ever few months. My boyfriend and I will get a take away (pizza, chinese etc) every few weeks but we don’t eat out at a restaurant very often.

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