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Things that you could do with an antique window?

Asked by Jude (32098points) October 11th, 2011

It’s old (has an old knob on it and old hinges). I am thinking of hanging it in my living room. My g/f could paint something on the glass and then I could hang it.


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You could also use the window as a frame.

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Have it appraised before you paint it or fix it up some of those old windows can fetch a nice price.

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If you had a picture of it, that would be awesome, but I would suggest enjoying the beauty of it in its form.
Mount it on a wall, use it as a fireplace screen, find a place where you can put it into real use as a window.

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Snort lines and chop marijuana on it.

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@Blackberry That reminds me, I gotta call your Mom for some blow.

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@Jude Ouch! Good one.

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I have seen them used as room dividers/screens. I’ve seen them hung outside to create separate garden spaces.

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Oh, I forgot this one—hang on front porch to provide privacy from neighbors. The one I saw was at an older home and had had the glass panes replaced with stained glass. In the afternoon the porch looked like a magical place.

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Howdy Miss Jude… So glad to see that you aren’t leaving!

How old is the glass? Is it leaded glass like the old windows used to be? How it is situated? Does it have panes or just one large piece of glass?

You can take sturdy type block storage units, like you get at Ikea and make the base of a table and lay the frame on them and make a beautiful conversation piece as a coffee table.

Old window framed look strange to the eye laying down and they have all sorts of interesting character and hardware on them that doesn’t make sense so it is really interesting and I love to mix really old things with brand new bases.

Something like these where you can use them for storage too so that they are functional.

You can glue them together and buy little no slip grips so that the top doesn’t swivel

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Mount it on the wall as if it were a real window and put a scenic poster behind it: a poster-size photo of a scene (a sepia print?) from the period that the window dates from, as if you could see into the past through it.

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There is a dive shop here and it has some old 4 pane windows in the window. Each pane has a different underwater scene in it. It is sort of like looking into an aquarium. I like it.

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