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What is some advice you would give to your 21-year old self?

Asked by Teja (125points) October 12th, 2011

Did a quick search and saw a similar question but rather than a 21-year old self it was about 17-year old self. We all know 17 year have a tendency to not listen anyways! :)

So if you had the opportunity to give advice to a 21 year old you, what would you say to him/her? It can be about anything from:

* Life
* Body/Self-Image
* Money
* Career
* Sex/Relationships
* Parenting

Etc… and just to be clear this isn’t about what you would change about yourself but just what advice you would give to a younger self.

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Exercise more – it makes a difference.
And avoid Linda like poison!

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Wear a condom! :-/

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Breathe; floss; find the joy in what is in front of you; sleep; question authority

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Make love, not like a steam train… :-/ slow down a little.
And get your hair cut you hippie.

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I wouldn’t give myself any advice, because where I am now is just fine and I wouldn’t want that to change.

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*Waves robotic arms furiously…

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You will get over her, eventually. I know that doesn’t help, but it’s true. There will be many loves in your life.

Also, you are better than you think you are. Yes, doing what you believe has consequences. You aren’t going to make as money as you might otherwise, but it will be ok.

Oh. And you’re infertile. You don’t need a condom for birth control. Go wild, dude!

With women you love, of course. That’s a part of you to be proud of. You will never really regret turning someone down because you don’t love them.

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Have more sex before you settle down.

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Don’t try the weed. It wasn’t worth it.

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Take Accounting Certification courses.

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Total domination takes full concentration in all situations… a solid foundation.

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Don’t marry that guy.

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Hey, in just a few short years you’ll be with the true love of your life & have 2 awesome kids, a boy & a girl. How cool is that!?!
In the meantime, hump away safe in the knowledge, no bird is going to spit out a sprog….happy days my friend.

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Come out of the closet now.

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Buy microsoft stock.

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It’s not your fault. He has to be willing to help himself.

This was only a year ago. I still feel guilty.

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buy apple, google, and facebook stock

don’t do drugs
don’t belittle yourself
being social doesn’t have to involve getting trashed all the time
quit smoking now
have hope for the future
i can go on and on…...

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Even though I’m only 2 years removed from my 21 year old self I would say that in the time that has passed I’ve learned quite a bit. The points that I would try to hammer home with myself is:

Dont worry so much over things you have little to no control over, if your fears are beyond your influence then let your worries go because you can’t stop what’s coming. Just remind yourself that whatever is happening to you, it will become less important and you’ll be less upset or mad about it as time goes on.

Be more reserved, tone down your aggression and focus on being more assertive, a domineering mindset is only conducive to breeding resentment even if it gets results in the short term.

When the time comes to lead people, deflate your ego.

Don’t borrow trouble.

Don’t be a perfectionist, you lose your sight of the big picture when you get lost in the details.

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Don’t take quite so much ecstasy.
Don’t use that credit card like free money.
Don’t freak out if you like a guy more than he likes you.
Be more social.

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Lay off the booze and try to stop smoking. Hopefully my 21 year old self would listen a bit more than my 17 year old one. Fuckin selves.

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Do not marry that man.

Tell your dad how much you love him and ask him lots of questions about his life. You don’t have much time left to do this.

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Avoid tequila.

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