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Can you help me with these vocabulary sentences?

Asked by kittykat219 (136points) October 12th, 2011

When we had fourteen guests over for dinner, the food dissipated so fast!

Is dissipated the right verb to use? I’m not sure if it is or not. Isn’t it usually used for weather?

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I think you want “disappeared,” not dissipated. Dissipated implies it kind of disappeared without human agency, which is not the case. It’s as if it evaporated, and we all know it was eaten.

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Dissipate means to break up and drive off. It is not the word that you want in that sentence. I agree with wundayatta’s disappeared.

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I agree with @wundayatta.

And, “voculabulary sentence” is a little odd. We either help you with vocabulary or the sentence, or the vocabulary in the sentence.

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Also, whatever the food did, it did so quickly (adverb), not fast (adjective).

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@dappled_leaves Fast can be an adverb, there is no such word as fastly. For insance she ran fast is correct. Or, she ran quickly, either is fine. I would not use so fast in the sentence though. I would simply say the food disappeared quickly or very quickly.

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But I suspect that you’re looking for a way to use dissipated in a sentence, rather than trying to find a new way to say that food was eaten quickly.

If you don’t eat, your strength will dissipate.

Money foolishly invested will also dissipate. Fortunes have been dissipated by wastrels.

You may also want to use the word in its technical meaning, as it applies to physics: After the dissipation of the ripples when I threw the rock in the pond, its surface was glassy again.

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When we had fourteen guests TO dinner [for dinner suggests you ate them], the food disappeared quickly. Tangible items disappear, gasses and other intangible items dissipate, crowds disperse.

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Perhaps it was a cannibalistic dinner, and the food – that is the food dissipated fast.

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Does the word devoured or consumed add anything to the mix?

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@zensky or maybe the food quickly dispersed before it could be devoured.

I thought no more new names, and now we have Meyer Zensky?

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