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Does your MacBook's fan go crazy when the screensaver is running?

Asked by thetmle (696points) May 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I have a first gen MacBook 2 ghz core duo. Ever since I upgraded to Leopard the fan will run at 5000–6200 RPM whenever the screensaver is active. It also does this when I use the visualizations in iTunes. Before Leopard, it was never this fan-happy. Is this normal? Anything I can do about it? I have 2 gigs of ram and a 250 gig HD with >120 gigs free.

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I do not own a mac and do not know a lot about them. But I will guess it just needs to cool down. Is it warmer then it was before? Or if you have a program to use your spare CPU time like folding@home or seti@home then maybe they start running after a set amount of time. I have noticed when my ps3 starts folding@home the fan kicks in also. If it is really bothering you just contact apple and ask them or if there is a store near you just drop by and ask them

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hmmm, is it up to date? firmware up to date? that would be my first guess, it’s obviously somthing that triggers your Nvidia card, only question is, why then, try running some visual stuff that realy requiers the card to cruch, tell us what happens

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No- The fan on my macbook does not go crazy when screen saver is on.

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Doesn’t sound normal, try resetting NVRAM and running all available updates.

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Also, if you just want to slow it down…
but that still doesn’t explain why….
what screen saver?
I’m on one right now, and the fan isn’t going crazy, and I have itunes with the visualizer, and xp being emulated in the background.

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hmmm, it might intrigue you to invoke activity monitor with the itunes thing. untill one of my processors hits 100%, it doesn’t go above 2000 rpm…

and with itunes visualizer, xp, and preview screen saver we are hovering around 44%-50%

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The screensaver I’m using is the Arabesque one. If I let it run for about 2 minutes, then come out of it, iStat shows a 5000 rpm fan speed.
Just running Safari, Transmission, and iTunes, I’m using 15% of the processor and I’m at ~3000 rpm (iTunes uses about 8% of the processor). If I turn the visualizer on (just the regular “iTunes Visualizer”), the processor jumps to 133% (just for iTunes) and the fan speed will jump to 5500 rpm within minutes.
Very weird….before I upgraded to Leopard, I’d rarely hear my fan. The only times would be during video editing or something else equally processor-hogging.

What kind of processor usage do you get when using the visualizer?

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let’s see, just the visualizer, hold on.

about 29%-33%, but safari, and a couple other random things running.

also, just tried the arabesque screen saver (it’s cool looking) but yeah, after leaving that running and activity monitor open, i let it run about 20 seconds. with that around 20%-25%

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jumping to 133% with itunes is crazy

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