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How to respond to someone who has a problem with what you post on Facebook?

Asked by metadog (378points) October 14th, 2011

Hi! Lets say you make a funny, but off color statement, for your friends on Facebook. That is what Facebook is for, right? Let’s then say that someone writes you a note telling you to tone down your posts because children and members of their church might see it. Aside from the fact that this person does not understand that properly set Facebook permissions would prevent that. What might you then post on your Facebook wall in response?

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Something worse.


MYOB!!! (and get a life!!)

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I would post this:

“Understanding that properly set Facebook permissions would prevent that.”

and leave out the stupid part

Sometimes it comes down to a matter of whether or not you actually want to be incendary and inflamitory. Isin’t it better to help someone out than to call them “stupid” when maybe they might just be ignorant instead.

Stupid, is intentional ignorance so I suggest you spare yourself that title and do the right thing

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Just write back saying, “Thank you for your concern, but I always make sure to protect my posts from those whom it might offend via privacy controls. So nothing to worry about over here! :)”

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@Aethelflaed You said it better… Lurve! ♥

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Use your security settings so that they can’t see what you post.

Or if you really wanted to get creative, you could post pictures all over their wall of the Virgin Mary crucified on a swastika-shaped cross made out of flaming dildos. Children and church people would get a kick out of it!

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I would block them. Problem solved.

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@Dog How come that is the ONE thing nobody knows how to do?

I BEGGED someone who supposedly had issues with me once to please block my access to their page… and they refused. Is that not the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard or was fighting what they actually wanted or what?

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@GabrielsLamb Well, it is pretty easy to get around someone’s blocking you, so maybe people see it as a useless feature?

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Different site… It would have solved everything, ended every interaction and every issue, and they know enough about both; computers, and me to know that.

They wanted to argue, it was intentional, goaded and for their amusement no matter how much they cried to the contrary.

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@trailsillustrated that’s the idea ;-)

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A) Are you a self-sustaining adult?
B) Is this person responsible for you in some way? Like a parent?

If you’re an adult, and live out on your own, I’d tell this person that it’s not your concern if their contacts are offended by what you post. If they, personally, are offended, remind them that they have the option of not looking at it.

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Honestly? I’d just say “Thank you”. No flame wars, no arguing.
I’d then ask myself if maybe…. just maybe…. they were right.

Would you want a future, potential employer to see it?

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“Fuck off…” has always worked for me.

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I would click…“unfriend”.

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I would say something like “what I choose to post on my facebook page is up to me. If anyone is offended by it they are welcome to unfriend me”.

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Here’s a few things I do…
No Facebook
No Facebook
no problems

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Apologize for the inconvenience and ask if they’d like to see your manager…?

I guess I would just remind them that I’m not a child nor are they one of my guardians (unless, of course, they are…), and if they are offended, they can feel free to block me or unfriend me if they find it necessary. If their children are my friends, I would block their kids from seeing what I post (or unfriend them…)

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I used to take it extremely personally when people would have problems with things I posted on Facebook. I have known other people’s criticism and advice directed at me that was not asked for to get on my nerves and hurt my feelings.

Now, I post things that will hopefully not stir up too much controversy to avoid dramatic and pointless arguments. I want to be on Facebook for positive things, not arguments or people being rude to me for what I post.

I’d rather keep my controversial opinions to myself now unless I am on a Q&A site or I know someone I like talking to can handle my opinions and why I feel the way I do. Even though I have these options, there are definitely some things I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about to avoid being judged unfairly and negatively for having those opinions.

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