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How to make a pop up survey after they close the window?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) October 18th, 2011

We’re a group of students doing a research, we made a website on on a subject called Viral Video’s but we’re trying to do something with the website. And our website comes with a survey.

We wanted to make a venster pop up with the link to our survey when they close that window. I wanted to know how can we make something like that?

A pop up venster to redirect to another link when they close that window.

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Don’t do that. Seriously. Just don’t. No pop-ups.

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@tom_g That was exactly what I was going to say. If your pop up even makes it past my blocker, I will refuse to return to the website, out of sheer disgust.

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Consider this: you’re done watching TV and you turn it off, but 1 second later the TV turns itself back on again, loudly playing a commercial. Do you think “oh good, a commercial is imposing itself on me” or do you find that commercial to be extremely annoying?

This will increase the number of surveys taken by initial visitors, but decrease the number of people revisiting your site.

Also, you might consider creating a website somewhere else. Your link was blocked by my office’s filters, so the number of initial visitors to your site will be reduced.

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Horrible Idea

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This may be the single worst idea I’ve ever heard from a developer. Even if people loved your website while using it, the instant you commandeer their computer with a pop-up, they will instantly hate you and your website. You should expect nothing but negative feedback on the survey if you go through with this plan.

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I would instead consider trying to make a floating link in the bottom right corner, one that does not impose itself in any way, is small and merely requests they take a survey.

Pop-ups on websites make me… stabby.

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