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If you had to choose only one of the following type of dates (see details), which of them would it be?

Asked by Mantralantis (1502points) October 18th, 2011

The two types of dates to choose from:

#1—Dinner at a nice ‘open-air’ eatery followed by a surprising trip to a planatarium you haven’t since you were a kid (or never have seen one)

#2— Dinner at home, with the music playing, and either watching a movie or playing a lighted game of croquet out back.

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Dinner at home. He’s cooking.

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#1 because it includes the planetarium!

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#1 is a date
#2 is an evening at home

I would go with #1

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Numero uno. ;)

I love planetariums.

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I like both.

When my husband & I were dating, we did #2 often. Now that we’re married we do dates like #1 as often as we can I like to get OUT of the house, when we’re alone.

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@DrBill—Yes, Doctor, some if not all, consider “an evening at home” just, well…an evening at home. But I still believe it could be ‘labeled’ a date if its special enough.

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@Mantralantis I agree. Also, not all couples reside in the same home.

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1. The planetarium wins.

LezboPirate's avatar

Number one. Although I think they both suck.

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Staying home. If we get bored we can always change it by going out. If we’re already out and it’s not going good we can only go home and this will suck even more.

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Actually, I’d choose #3: take her into my dungeon :-p

But speaking of planetariums, the Liberty Science Center in New Joysey is actually a great place to take a date (if you can ignore the hordes of screaming kids running about)! And the Imax cinema there (a real one in a dome that surrounds you, not just a gimungous flat screen) is a great place to catch a film! Though it takes a special kind of gal to appreciate a date like that.

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Number 2 and then we can look at the sky that night, so that we get the planetarium experiance too!

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Crap. I misspelled ‘planEtarium’ with ‘planAtarium’ in the details part of the question. That is bad. Hmm. But I suppose one could now say I’m loosing my grasp of wordy perfection.

Just kidding. Be Good. 8^)

p.s. How about adding both ‘dates’ together in the same night? Would that be more fun?

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I’m going to go with the former for, say, an early date, and the latter for when a relationship has become more serious, because, while both fantastic options, a quiet evening at home implies a greater level of intimacy, whereas an open-air dinner is more a kindling love type of thing, although it could also be a fun thing to do in a serious relationship just to vary routine.

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@LezboPirate, that made my day. :)

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I agree #1 is a date and #2 a home activity, nice, but not the same. At home there are too many potential interruptions and, at least for me, things to distract me from the “date” feeling.
There’s a time in your life when the special moments at home take the place of ‘dating’ and that’s nice too. Still, ‘going out’ to the planetarium, a concert, whatever and dinner ‘out’ is more special. I’ve enjoyed both.

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#2, but it’s a close call. Have we done #2 before, because then #1. (Also, either would be considered a “date” to me. Date, to me, just means a get together, it doesn’t have to be outside someone’s house or a certain level of specialness).

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The first one mainly because of the planetarium!! I hate going to eat at restaurants but planetariums. Yes.

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The first one!

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Before reading the details I was about to say Medjool.

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Who said they have a dungeon?

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I’d love to take mine down to my dungeon but he’s not ready for that yet.

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