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Your plan of action for an evening with your president/prime minister would be?

Asked by ucme (50037points) February 24th, 2011

Yeah, let’s say you’re to have a private audience in your home with the elected leader of your country…..crazy notion, it’s true! You’re feeling relaxed in each others company, smart casuals the order of the day.

What meal do you serve fit for this occasion?
What is the best way you could find of entertaining them?
Music, a movie, or maybe a party game or two?

These are the pressing questions of a generation? Whaddya gonna do then….hmmm?

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I be hoping to play Twister with Samantha while my wife holds polite conversation with David.

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Nothing like the way it is NOW… it seems as though everything aroung us in the USA is going to falter.. but thats just my opinion.

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I’d just make sure we were out in public, a lot. This is a perfect plan to get chicks: “Hey! Weren’t you on TV, hanging out with Obama?”

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The food would be Humble Pie
The music and entertainment would be provided by Billy Bragg, The Levellers and New Model Army.
The other entertainment would be me and my mates drilling Nick Clegg. The phrase “sell out” will be used a lot.

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@downtide – ‘drilling’ Nick Clegg? What usage of the word ‘drilling’ are you thinking of?

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No dinner,just a boxing match! ;0

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Sounds like a party, I’d love to come… I’d bring some thumbscrews… :-/

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I would ask Mr. Obama if he would sign 2 pieces of memoribilia. One for my brother and one for my best friend, because I know they would really appreciate that. Then I would give him some of my best vegetarian appetizers and talk to him about his favorite restaurants and how he thinks we should change the school lunch programs to reflect both nutrition, price point and taste. Without all 3 of those things being changed, there’s not much you can do to turn around the bad nutrition situation with our kids.

Then I would ask him if it was ok to have my picture taken with him.

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I would give him a tour to my cave / secret lab, and then give him my private number so that he can give me a call when he needs a hero to save the world.

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Obama and I could watch one of the Star Wars prequels and talk about what’s wrong with it, and why the original trilogy will always be the best.

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I’d get him to sign as many autographed photos or WHATEVER as possible, so I could sell them. Of course, I’d offer him some Jameson’s (unless he’s one of those Bailey’s Irish Cream kind of guys).

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With all due respect, I would decline any such invitation. Just not interested in doing that.

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An evening with my president would also be an evening with my commander-in-chief since he is that also because I’m a military member.

The meal for the president would be an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) so that he would know what thousands of military members are subsisting on in Iraq and Afghanistan in some instances.

I think the best way to entertain myself would be grilling the president on when he’s going to take a more proactive approach to really, truly trying to make a concerted effort to get troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ll take pleasure in watching him squirm as he struggles to answer those questions and be truthful about it. It’ll be tough since he’s a politician and all.

Movies would be good and one’s that he really needs to see – Green Zone, The Hurt Locker, In the Valley of Elah, Redacted, Taking Chance, Stop-Loss, and The Messenger…....among others.

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Call em round. . .
then set the dog on him.

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Thanks for your responses folks. Oooh, I see a naughty comment was removed, the mind boggles.

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Is it bad that the first two things that come to mind are smoking a joint and playing some hoops with Obama?

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I wouldn’t turn up. Yes, Julia Gillard is that bad.

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