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What is your favorite thing about Fluther?

Asked by TheIntern55 (4260points) October 18th, 2011

Pretty self-explanatory. What is it? It can be anything. My favorite is probably the people. Y’all so nice:)

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I love the way the people are.
How everyone has their own opinions, and most people are okay with that.
How if you’re going to argue, it’s at least going to be an intelligent argument. (Most of the time.)

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The people, definitely. Also, some of the best discussion on the net happens here, in my opinion.

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I agree, the people. I lurve jellies.

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Definitely the people.

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Getting to know everyone. Also, this site makes me a little smarter, and is sort of my “Current Event’s” section of my life. I think this site increased my knowladge by 10 i.q. points.

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The great sense of community and all of the friends I have made here.

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Yes, I like the discussions and interesting topics, as well as the intelligence and humor.
Some very bright and fun people here! :-D

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The people. You all are so nice. :)

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The “sexy biotches” as they say, which I seduce with vigour.


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The Orange Tree is the epitome of awesomeness! It is trans-dimensional and can serve any martini you can imagine.

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The beer.

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Making new friends. I have just fallen hard for Mrs. @Jerv, who has been hiding her light under the bushel basket.


The folks here.

The user-friendly aspect of it. Fun.

The color, the interesting layout of the site, etc.

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All the Jellies. The Q&A from serious, to silly, to supercilious.
The cookies help.

And very importantly, the layout, ease and simplicity of this site. Kudos to the designers.


And all the interesting avatars and profiles of fellow jellies!

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The many opinions and how for the most part people treat each other with respect even if they disagree.

The curiousity jellies have. Which I think leads to the tolerance I mentioned in my first sentence.

I consider many jellies online friends.

The level of knowledge is fantastic. I learn so much here.

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How every conversation ends up being about food instead of sex. Much unlike real life.

Oh and yes the peopleeeeeeeeeeeee :P

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Definitely the people. You guys rock.

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The pancakes. The people.

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I met Allie here.

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The price is right.

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We are all like a very large and highly dysfunctional family. It’s Thanksgiving dinner every night of the week!

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1) The people.

2) The moderation.

3) The simple/clean site design.

3.5) Hypocrisy_Central.

Winning combination, for sure.

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The general adherence to the maxim, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

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The people :)

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The peeps.

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Definately the people first, then the food.

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Fluther attracts jellies that like to utilize their knowledge!

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The lady with the whip.

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Quite fascinating folks, lots of diversity of interests and personalities. There are many viewpoints and am taking a shine to looking at thongs, I mean things through other world views. Very interesting and enriching as various topics get examined.

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Came for the food, stayed for the fun, frivolity, facts vs fiction, fabulous folks, frantastic discussions, frantic late night fellowship, the foodies, fanatics of both Harry Potter and Star Trek, fair play, fairies, French toast that is often eaten with pancakes, funky music, free flowing thought, falafel, fallacies that are pointed out, falsehoods that are debated, family atomosphere, farming Jellies, fancy words, farcical tales, far fetched conspiracy theories, fascinating descriptions of places, books, and movies other Jellies have experienced, fastidiousness with regard to writing and grammar, fava beans, fibbing trolls that are brought to light, @Fiddle_playing_Creole_Bastard, film lovers, futuristic scenarios, flowing prose


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@Kardamom And the opportunity to spill fyperlinks ad infinitum?

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@janbb Yes! Definitely the fyperlinks. Hee Hee. You just coined a new term.

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Learning interesting things from interesting people.

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The nekked pancake parties.

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No one ever invited me to a nekkid pancake party! Which mod do you have to bribe to get an invitation?

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@wundayatta You may never have been invited to a nekkid pancake party, but I’m sure I saw you strolling around at the last French Kiss French Toast party : )

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@Kardamom Sadly, you must be mistaken. I’ve never even heard of a French Kiss French Toast party before and I’m not at all sure the idea of french kissing strange women who have just been eating french toast sounds appealing, even if they are jellies! While I do enjoy french toast immensely, especially if we have real maple syrup, there’s only one woman I want to be french kissing and it was highly doubtful that she was at the aforementioned party.

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@wundayatta I don’t know. There was definitely a guy there who looked like you : )

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@Kardamom Well, I hope you didn’t kiss him!

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@wundayatta Of course not! I just ran up to him, gave him a big bear hug and a noogie on the top of his head : )

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@Kardamom Hoo Boy! Glad that wasn’t me. It is excruciatingly embarrassing for me to be hugged by strange women.

Hit and run noogies are ok. It allows me to look after the noogist wonderingly, then look at my friends the people who are around me wonderingly, then go get a drink and find a dark corner to nurse it in. Not that I would ever attend an event where such a thing could happen. People scare me. Unless I know them.

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My favorite thing about Fluther is that generally, the people who use the site are friendlier and more intelligent than the users on Yahoo Answers. :) i.e. No trolls. (At least that I’ve seen in my limited use.)

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