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Would you rather eat a shot of live wasps or eat the shot glass? [Read details.]?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26794points) October 18th, 2011

That isn’t actually my question, but feel free to answer if you wish.

Why do so many people skirt around questions that offer two lousy options? Of course no one particularly wants either of the scenarios that are typically laid out in these types of questions, but the point of the question is to choose between two less than ideal options in a hypothetical scenario. Yet, so often the answer is “neither.” Why?

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Well….....if the choices suck, we can’t help if we don’t like either.

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@Blackberry that’s the point, usually. You aren’t supposed to like them.

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I’ll eat the wasps. It’s gonna hurt a lot, but if I have to wager, I’d get better off that way more than eating a bottle or glass. Seriously. Thanks for not using bees as an option.

For the actual question…in my case, I just try to be funny. Not sure if it works, but eh, I have fun. I think that, basically, a lot of the time, the choices are really weird or horrible, and even if it’s hypothetical, it makes people uncomfortable. So they want to be original, funny, or insightful. I denno. I’m guilty of this, and fucking shit up, but I do that because I have a hard time taking it seriously, (although it’s prolly everything listed above, only I dun wanna admit it) and so much of it is laughable sometimes. You know, because it would never actually happen, or at least, not in my reality. So it’s hard to imagine seriously, and I just have to go and say some dumb shit lol.

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“Thanks for not using bees…” lol.

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Because we are usually given a choice of either or, but we choose neither…I guess because we can even if it is a question on Fluther. If you’re given a choice between either this or that, and you don’t choose you face something horrible like you’ll lose a limb or even death, I’m sure most people would opt for one of the choices.

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It’s difficult to get some people to commit to undesirable hypothetical situations. It shows they’re unwilling to have a sense of humor about the subject, or just don’t want to play along, so their answer shouldn’t be the focus of the question.

If I have to choose between a giant douche or a turd sandwich…I’ll take the sandwich.

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These are called poll questions and are tedious.

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It depends on the level of absurdity of the question. If there’s a noticeable semblance of realism where only the scenario is absurd, then I’m less inclined to choose one of the options, but a question like the title of this one, so completely far-fetched you’d have to be either insane or be held prisoner by some seriously fucked up individuals to even have to worry about the possibilities, I’m more likely. Or I just won’t answer at all, totally refraining in general. However, I’d choose the wasps, at least you can chew them easier, especially if it’s preceded by an excessive amount of shots of whiskey or tequila.

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I believe wasps are more eatable than glass.
I’d prefer to skirt underneath skirts hypothetically.

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I think people assume the questions are asked to be friendly, mostly in jest, and are just meant to keep conversation going on the website. I know I do.

Therefore, they don’t always feel constrained to give an answer matching the choices. They are not trying to be jerks to the OP. I think they assume the OP doesn’t care that much, and they are actually kinda grateful at least somebody started a conversation.


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If one thought outside-the-box, they will see it as a question of character. Sure, you ask anyone what would they choose, to lay in a chaise lounge with an umbrella drink or crawl through the sewer with rats chasing you, there would be no need to ask it. 97% of the people IMO, would choose the umbrella drink and the chaise lounge. Many people do not like thinking about the worse of two scenarios, because one, they never really faced any in their lives. Two, they can’t do it even if they were faced with it. People avoid making tough choices and hard decisions. Rather than focus on their inability to make a hard choice, just say ”neither”, or attack the question. If you were not going to take a stand on either issue, why not just pass the question and find a softer question to ask? Like going to a football game then complaining because neither of the teams you like. Rather than complain because the Broncos are not playing, just don’t go until they are playing. If all you have is regular or sugar free and you don’t like those choices, that is all there is. If you wanted juice, then go were there is juice, not complain why there is no juice in the pail of drinks.

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I’d eat the live wasps if I could insert a protective internal mouthpiece with tactically enhanced dentition, or if the wasps were the tiny, parasitic ones that attack the ash whitefly:

I imagine some people can’t restrict their answers to very unpleasant binary choices because they can’t imagine how either one would be better than the other, or they hope that a tacit 3rd choice (perhaps death, the loss of a valuable prize, or escape?) is less objectionable.

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Reason for “neither”: When presented with a ridiculous question it’s only natural to stray outside the binary boundaries.

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Neither. I’d rather shave my skin off~

Today, there seems to be a flux of: I hate this. Do you hate this too?

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I’m going with glass. The wasps would most likely swell my throat up and close it shut.

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I’d go for the glass. More predictable and will sting less.

And people telling you neither iso giving some bullshit answer are actually giving you more valuable information in case you ever do have a serious polling question.

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What kind of question is this, Anuf? You’re better than this, I thought. Come on, now!

Answer: Neither. I rather have a shot of whatever Anuf is really having. Yep.

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Your question reminded me of this book . Although it is more about consumerism/choices, it still looks at the science behind our brain in decision making.

I can’t remember if this example was in this book or from something else I saw, but a recent choice between 2 unfamiliar things that hit just about everyone a few years ago was between HD DVD & BluRay. Both were new technology. No one really knew which was better & which was going to be the ‘correct’ format that would stick around for the next generation. Because when faced with two choices & not knowing which is better, just about everyone chose neither, for fear of being wrong. Which is like our default thinking process. Can’t decide = don’t decide.

I’ve heard that the best way to make a decision when you are unsure.. simply flip a coin. If you are happy with the results, it was what you wanted. On a subconscious level, our brain has already made the decision, we just need to force it to tell the rest of the brain.

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@Mantralantis details, you have to read the details. I’m drinking water, but I’m happy to share, anyhow. And it is the kind of question looking for exactly the kind of answer @rpm_pseud0name gave. Thank you, very GA.

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@ANef_is_Enuf – I did read the details you gave. My comment still stands. I thought you were able to read between my lines. I guess not. Furthermore, whats wrong with someone giving just two options for a question even if someone comes along and doesn’t like them? They can simply move on to the next question and not even answer just the same. That makes more sense, so someone like you doesn’t have to come along and dispense with an awkward question about another question such as yours.

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I’ve see One Man, One Jar so I’m going with wasps.

I think “neither” is always a valid third choice. This question is an example of one where a sense of humor can lead to accepting one nasty choice hypothetically. Questions like “Would you rather throw your child under a bus or off a rooftop” will lead to nothing but “neither” answers.

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@ANef_is_Enuf – To be more clear to you: Did I even answer with wasps or glass. No I did not.

People create two choices in these type of questions probably because less is better than more.

My ‘neither’ was a mock of how some can answer neither in a question that has two very unlikeable options.

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As to why people tend to not answer the question within the parameters layed out I can’t tell you, even I’ve done that in the past and I don’t know why, just one of those things I guess. As to the original question I’d rather just eat the shot glass, whole or crushed up. If there’s one fear I have it’s wasps, I was stung on the ear when I was four or five and that had to be one of the most painful experiences of my life and ever since then I’ve been scared of the little winged devils (I have a notch in my ear to remind of why I hate them as well).

It didn’t help that for much of my youth I lived in Texas which seems to have every kind of wasp known to man setting up shop there. We had Red Wasps (got stung on the stomach by one of those), Yellow Jackets, Dirt Dobbers, etc. and the worst part about it was that the wasps were the only thing that the fire ants (which is another arch enemy of mine) didn’t kill off.

One of my many dreams is to eventually return to my childhood home, flaming sword in one hand and a can of Raid in the other so that I can do battle and eventually slay these menaces once and for all.

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@KidCurtis I’d eat the glass, too. Just for the record. If you ever make it with your flaming sword and can of Raid, feel free to swing by my place.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Sounds like a plan, might just make a career out of dramatic and epic pest control, the bards will be singing of my adventures for years to come.

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Thank you @ANef_is_Enuf for addressing this problem. Either people will say neither or they will say “Why the hell would I want either of those things, am I crazy?” Or they will say something stupid like “I’ll make the wasp eat the glass and then get a beer from the fridge.”

It annoys me so much when people just can’t stay within the limits of the question.

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Yeah I noticed this on here long ago. As I pointed out then, why the fascination with sacrifice. Both ends of the same stick being shitty seems pessimistic & pointless to me, but there you go.

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wasps, if you chew them enough they’ll stop stinging before you swallow avoiding having your intestines cut open unlike glass which will stay whole from beginning to end ouch

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lebber wourd eat the grass.

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I’d choose the shot glass, but first i would grind it down to sand and eat the sand.

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