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Curious - do you have an qualms about exercising (jogging) in the rain?

Asked by Jude (32134points) October 19th, 2011

It’s been piss-ass raining all day and I have a day off from classes (doctor’s appt.). I want to get some cardio in and may go for a run even though it is cold and rainy. Going stir crazy over here.

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I like jogging in light rain. It’s nice.

Do make sure though that you have a rain jacked that covers your head cause rain water running down your next isn’t nice.

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A cool rain is ok, but I don’t care for the real cold rain. Are you jogging on a highway?

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The two things that keep me from doing it:
blisters – my sneakers aren’t water resistant and if I go for over a few miles I regret it the next day; slipping – most of the trails I jog are dirt or get muddy/slippery with even a light rain.

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I don’t like to due to the fallen leaves…I don’t mind hiking in this weather (same here for us @Jude) I’m not fond of slipping an pulling muscles.

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I thoroughly love running in the rain. Especially when I start steaming so it feels like I do just that much more exercise.

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If it’s cold, I would just do calisthenics inside.

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I would look for an indoor track.

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I sometimes do it. I love rain/snow. But I exercise rarelly so I don’t really do it that often to provide any inside.

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I wouldn’t do it. Afraid of slipping and hurting myself.

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I would be afraid of getting sick. Doctors swear that getting cold and wet is not the cause of catching colds and flu, but it happens to me every time.

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@Skaggfacemutt That’s what my husband says. I can’t understand why he actually gets sick. It doesn’t make logical sense. He thinks going from cold to hot makes people sick too, which just doesn’t make sense either.

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If you’re use to running outdoors than go for it. Just bundle up or dress in layers. Here, I see the same runners and walkers everyday, rain or shine, hot or cold, etc.

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I can find any excuse not to exercise. Unfortunately, none of them are good enough. If it’s raining I can walk or run on my treadmill. If it’s to hot I can go to the air conditioned gym. If gas is to expensive I can put an exercise video in the DVD player or play with my Wii or XBOX connect. I am so pissed that I no longer have any excuses!~

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@Judi Break your treadmill, let your gym membership expire, tell yourself that playing bowling on your Wii is good exercise. Come on, I know you can do it!

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I have no qualms. I don’t jog, but I’ll ride my bike in the rain.

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If it’s not pouring… you’re going to have to change your clothes anyway!

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I love walking or running in the rain. It keeps me cool, and makes you feel like you can go faster/farther than usual. It’s also covering you in water, so you don’t seem to get as thirsty since the rain is doing the sweating for you.

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I have qualms with jogging as it is..

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When I used to run year around before my knees started to go bad, I’d go for my daily runs in any kind of weather and the rain would be an absolute bonus. We get very little rain in Phoenix, Arizona as it is so any time I had a chance to be out in it for exercise, when it occurred, was a pleasure for me.

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Actually, I need to reconsider. I wear glasses and when the rain beads up on my glasses, it gets pretty hard to see. It’s bad enough during the day. At night, forget it! I will almost certainly run into something or someone.

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I don’t jog, but if I did, I imagine it might be nice in decent rain, that is, a light drizzle or steady downfall. Jogging in the heat is probably pretty evil, so in the rain, you’d get cooled off. I might not go in some Viking like storm though. :/

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When my right knee was good, I loved running in fairly inclement weather. I didn’t go out during lightning storms, but I did:

Go for a run in Hammond, IN when it was about -15º F.
Play football in cold pouring rain.
Ski when it was snowing.

We almost never get summer rain here in this part of So Cal, so when we were visiting NO, LA in July 2010, I went for a walk during a substantial rainfall, and it was way refreshing.

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Don’t let the rain stop you from your jogging fun!

I live in Tacoma where it rains most of the time and I jog nearly every day. You can get a great jogging workout in the rain if you dress right. Pay attention to the outside temperature. If it is 50ºF then you can get away with short-shorts & t-shirt. If it is 36ºF with rain and strong wind then you had better wear leg tights, long t-shirt, gloves and a hat.

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I love the rain in general and it makes everything better, to me at least…driving, biking, sleeping, watching TV, everything…you should jog especially when it rains. You’ll stay cool without sweat. Be sure to keep warm and not slip.

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I don’t have issues with jogging in the weather, except in extreme cases, such as when there’s three feet of snow, but I’ve got naturally bad knees and am so horrendously out of shape that it’s miserable otherwise.

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