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What are your plans for tommorrow when the world is supposed to end?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36713points) October 20th, 2011

Harold has been at it again and we’re done tommorrow. Made any special arrangements? I just hope it doesn’t put too much of a damper on the weekend. I have plans. Go as crazy as you want with this one.

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I’m going to go to school and maybe to the library afterwards. Oh and if I think of it I’m going to change the title on the car over to my name… And restock on whiskey.

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Same plan as everyday
Procrastinating, fapping and making sexy music.

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I’m still practicing hiding under my desk. I grew up with the Cold War.

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It kinda depends on what time things are supposed to stop. I mean, I don’t want to re-arrange my whole day for the apocalypse, but I’m willing to make a few adjustments. Like maybe I’ll want to drive to the beach for one last sunset if the world won’t end until evening. But if it’s during the workday, I’ll probably just stick around the office.

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@johnpowell – Good idea. Just placed a bottle of water and a bag of cashews under my desk. I’ll be just fine.

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I’m driving to the mountains to check into a B&B, enjoy the fall foliage, check out the elk herd that NC is reintroducing to the state. Of course, none of this has anything to do with a deluded old man.

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@syz If the world was ending that’d be a great way to go. A wild Elk reintroduction?

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@syz Nice!
Awesome site as well!

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Bring peace to the world. Dunno how, but that’s the plan.

And no one dies from out of the ordinary causes

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@syz—-Lucky you…. I was looking out the window yesterday looking at the trees with leaves being brought down by the rain up here in the Northeast and thought about the time I was living in WNC years and years ago, reminisced the drives we made along the Blue Ridge Parkway between Asheville and Mt. Mitchell. . . . Enjoy it!

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@njnyjobs Mt Mitchell is my favorite camping destination, especially in August when it’s 100 degrees at home and 60 degrees at Mt Mitchell.

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Celebrate my birthday like I was going to anyways.

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@syz ..yeah at over 6,680 ft elevation, the change in temp is highly noticeable from the 2,000 ft elevation around Asheville. I never tried camping out there, we usually go west to the Smoky Mountains and Cherokee country, which would be in the 4,000–5,000 ft elevation

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How come it has to end on a Friday? Why can’t it be put off for a couple of days? I say end the world on Monday morning, after the sunrise but before I get in the car for work.

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I’ll be planting some new lettuce seedlings, and I will be there when they grow up…seriously I don’t know why this man gets attention at all. Should be treated for delusions.

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@jerv Happy birthday for tomorrow!

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@jerv Happy Birthday! Hope’s it not too

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Happy birthday, @jerv! I think that douchebag who keeps thinking the world will end will be too busy to attend your party, thank god!

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Sorry, tomorrow is no good for me. I have too much to do at work and I have a Cub Scout camp out planned for the weekend.

Could we possible move it to December of next year when the Mayan’s suggested?

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Another one again?! Lol. I realize sooner or later this guy would be proven right and I could picture him jumping all over the place yelling, “I TOLD YOU SOOO!” and I will respond, yeah, yeah…whatever, just before an asteroid destroys my ass.

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It’s supposed to end?

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I’m going to wake up at 5 in the morning like I do everyday, meet my old lady for coffee at 7, be at work by 9, get off work at 6, go home and shower and redress, arrive at bar a few hours later, leave a few hours after arriving, go home, get on Fluther or similar site, sleep, be alive the next morning.

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Work during the day, singing lesson in the evening. That’s if I’m healthier than I am today, if not, I’ll stay in bed.

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Doesn’t Harold know we all have until 12/12/12 before the world ends?~

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I thought we still had another year to go….

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I’m hiding under my desk right now in case this thing starts early.

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Is it tormorrow? Shit, I have two parties this weekend I was really looking forward to. I guess I guess I could have had that pizza I wanted today, but passed on it because I want to fit into my jeans for the weekend.

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Masturbate furiously.

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@KateTheGreat Hey, you could be coming and going at the same time. Neat.

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Here in Holland it already ended….....

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@rebbel Are you talking to us from the other side?~

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@SpatzieLover I am the one who ended it all ;-)

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Well last time I jumped off the swings at a park the minute it was suppose to end and I screamed we’re all going to die! I don’t know what I’ll do this time. Probably something stupid to mock his stupid predictions. I think this person need some help 0-o

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I have jury duty tomorrow. I am pretty sure I am not gonna get out of it that easily.

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What, again? How many times is the world supposed to end? Sick of this shit lol.

I’ll do what I do every day, hope for a zombie invasion.

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Happy Birthday to @jerv.

I am flying home to Brisbane. Now I am not sure what happens when the rapture actually occurs or how long the evacuation will take? Do the believers just vanish off to heaven? Is it a quick process? Should I check before I board my plane whether the pilot is likely to vanish mid-flight?
Bad day to fly I think.

Actually, I think it may be today in which case I may miss my wedding anniversary dinner. Oh damn, I don’t know what to do now. When will this happen Australian time! Should I book a table?

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@Bellatrix Ooh, I wonder if everyone on a plane in the sky will be unaffected? I mean how exactly is the end coming? Great question. What if it is some sort of crazy plague that happens in seconds, and by the time you land it is safe again. You could be one of the new pioneers of the new earth. Cool.

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I don’t know @JL, I am totally confused now I have started to think about when this will happen.

I could be a pioneer… should I wear those pants with lots of pockets to store things in? What is appropriate “pioneer” dress? So many questions occur when you think about this.

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@Bellatrix Hmmm. Definitely wear comfortable clothes, something hand washable. I imagine the dry cleaners won’t be open after the apocalypse. More importantly your mention of Brisbane made me think of an offer a friend gave me to stay at her place in/near Brisbane. I really need to take her up on that before the end of the world.

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You should. Comfortable, casual clothes will be fine in Brissy. Pretty laid back place. Good tip on the hand washable.

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Well, I was going to be working on party favors for my daughter’s birthday party on Saturday, but I guess I don’t need to bother.

@Bellatrix Did you ever read the Left Behind series? The beginning takes place on a plane. Rapture comes along and, yep, people just disappear.

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:-| I didn’t @Supacase. Perhaps I should whip to the library and see if they have a copy?

I don’t think you should mention this to your daughter. Let her think her birthday is going to happen. I would be seriously unhappy if the rapture occurred on my birthday.

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I’m going to watch Halloween with my man. after a day of cleaning and grocery shopping

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I guess the world ends for someone everyday. It appears that today is not my day. Not yet anyway but still have 15.5 hrs left to survive.

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