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How do you cheese your cheesesteak sandwich?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) October 21st, 2011

Cheez Wiz? American? Provolone? Jack? something else melty?

What makes it so great that you’d recommend it?

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American. Cheese whiz isn’t really cheese. It’s…. well it’s something else. No one really knows what it really is.

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a Sharp Provolone Cheese, I love how stringy it gets when it melts over the steak and veggies.

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Provolone or american. I had one today with green peppers and jalapenos. It was meaty and melty and spicy.

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This it has to be white American cheese for a Philadelphia cheese steak like I got in junior high on the mainline just outside Philly.

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Who cheesed?

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Sharp cheddar. Not the biggest fan of Provolone or American.

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Provolone. Chopped with meat on the grill using the spatula. Anything else is false.

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Provolone is the only proper cheese. Though I disagree with @zenvelo on the chopped meat. A real cheese steak is not chopped. It’s a regional thing, @zenvelo. I’m one Delawarean willing to duke it out with you on the chopped steak business. :-) And don’t even get me started on what a real and authentic and proper sub should be like.

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Provolone… or Pepper Jack.

Now I’m hungry.

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