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Can you help one of our regal jellies to design her new home?

Asked by Bellatrix (21257points) October 23rd, 2011

One of our favourite jellies, who is a member of the aristocracy (or so her name would have us believe) is going to build a new house. This is the planned house

In a previous thread she suggested that we fellow jellies could not design a beautiful house for her. So, I put you to the challenge, will you please help with the interior design of one element of this house for the jelly who shall remain unnamed until the first post. Be creative! Be tasteful. Be tasteless. Choose a room or a part of the garden or anything to do with her house. Let’s build this lady a beautiful place to live. When I say beautiful, I am hoping you will really be out there in your choices. No beige and bland for this vibrant jelly. If it is not obvious, please specify which room you have chosen to decorate.

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I am hoping @Dutchess_III will like what we come up with. I did ask her permission before posting this question. She is under no obligation to accept our suggestions of course.

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Well, there’s the Nat Cave, of course. It’s accessible through the secret door located in the <redacted>. This lair is furnished only with a comfy chair, a pile of great books and a fridge full of cold Natty Lite.

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I already tried to help Duchess and she told me the house I suggested looked like a suitcase so she is dead to me, for the time being at least. :-)

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Oh I should have said attach pictures! So she can see what we mean. Do you have a picture of the Nat Cave @Blueroses?

Far out .. a suitcase @lillycoyote? She didn’t like the gypsy caravan idea either huh? We need to reprogram her taste in housing :D

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@Bellatrix We could knock some sense into her or help her build a house that pleases her and that she wants to live in. Those are are our only choices. I’m having trouble making the decision. :D

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Must have a Toto Neorest 600
And a few of These in the shower.
And this is the Tub I Have. Love it!”

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Didn’t we have this exact same question over this exact same house not too long ago????

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No! Tell me it is not so @HungryGuy! @Dutchess_III please explain!

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I’d move into that in a hearbeat. I see nothing in need for any correction in her plans so long as a 2 Br, 1 Ba. place suits. The loft would make a perfect office/study. It looks cosy, plenty commodious for a 2 or 3 person family, and attractive.

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Well I was actually hoping people would have a little fun with the design brief. I am sure we can find pictures of a weir… sorry beautiful kitchen. Or bizarr… creative garden design.

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Using the floor plan you linked as the construct, I would first not waste all that space next to the loft. I would use the loft space for a home office and the open space for the master bedroom suite. I would extend the fireplace through it, and have a fireplace in the master bedroom.

I would use the basement level for another bedroom and small bath, and a fitness room.

I would also take the covered porch and extend it outward. I would connect it to the larger covered porch making a patio at the back end of the great room. I would be bold and extend the covered porch out and wrap it around the kitchen side of the house to the front, meeting up with the covered porch by the door. And have French doors that opened from the great room, and dining room, to the extended porch/patios.

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