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Any particular age you remember as being especially significant on your birthday?

Asked by ucme (50037points) October 23rd, 2011

A landmark birthday that for you, stands out. Maybe you felt “different” in some way, be it positively or otherwise.

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My 10th birthday, I was given a birhday party at my house. I believe it was raining, so the party came inside my parents home. My mother scheduled the games we were to play and spin the bottle and pin the tail on the donkey memories will never be forgotten.

In my spin of the bottle, it pointed toward a girl I absolutely could not stand. I did not go to her for that kiss, she RAN to me and laid one on me. For a ten year old boy, that did something to me that is hard to explain. Anyway, pin the tail on the donkey was next. It was my turn. Eyes blindfolded and twisted around and around in a circle, I was drunk. I walked forward, missed the donkey entirely and stuck the pin in the same girl that had laid one on me, in the spin the bottle game. It was not intentional and that girl followed me everywhere for the next three years.

What happened to her? She grew up to be taller than me. She was 6ft. 7in tall, two inches taller than myself. We were friends over the years, until she died.

I miss her smile. Not her kiss.

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According to my parents, it was the age of 6. They said I was so happy I wasn’t 51/2 anymore.

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7 years old, family stayed at Webber Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Ice man came by every day, no electricity or gas.
My mother cooked a cake in the wood burning stove, it was amazing.
Went swimming, oh the water in the lake was snow run-off from the mountain.

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Twenty one, no one thought I’d ever get that far…… It came as a bit of a surprise to me too :-/
I started to realise at this time that the whole world didn’t revolve around me & that I’d pretty much been an proper arsehole with everyone in my life, myself included up until then :-/

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27. I have no idea why, but just before that birthday, I started to think about my sisters’ lives and where they were at age 27. All three were happily married, I wasn’t married in any form or fashion. They had children, I didn’t. One was in a great career, I wasn’t. The other two were homemakers and loved it. About the only thing I had done that they hadn’t was to have completed a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I couldn’t find a teaching job, so that didn’t feel very successful.

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16. From that day forward, society trusted me to drive. Before that day, they didn’t.

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No, nothing about me but I remember particular birthdays because of their details and the people who celebrated with me.

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I remember 27 feeling satisfying to me. Maybe not the actual birthday, but that year in general.

I didn’t feel grown-up per se. But graduating out of my mid-twenties, I did feel like I was done putting up with a lot of other people’s bullshit and drama.

Over it.

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My 30th, I was no longer in my 20’s and between my 29th and 30th year I just kept thinking there was so much I had yet to accomplish that I wanted to by then and I finally let it all go on my 30th birthday. I also realized to have goals but not to let them get you down when you didn’t accomplish them by a certain timeline but to readjust your goals because life changes so frequently taking us in a different direction then we had expected to go.

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Not really an event but more of a realization. On my 16th, I took a picture with my dad and I realized it would be the last of my lifes mile markers that he would be present to see. He was still alive my my high school graduation but he was too ill to attend and died a few months after that.

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On my 7th birthday my mother baked me a cake with a doll inside! Her skirt was the cake! I loved it madly!!!
On my 18th birthday I slept with a man for the first time. I stayed a virgin. But that was damn memorable.
On my 30th birthday I had a wonderful date with my future husband. I felt like I had arrived.

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Two of them. I recall getting my first card as I rounded the corner to 8. It had a large elephant on the card face and inside it bade me to have a STUPENDOUS day. What on earth did stupendous mean I wondered. (My brothers were always calling me stupid) but alas it was a happy thing to learn my first big word meant what it really turned out to mean.

The other was turning 25. I am ashamed of my conduct to this day. That would hit me hard; I really thought I was getting over the hill.

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42 – I became older than my father was when he died.

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smilingheart That is so funny! “What on earth did stupendous mean I wondered?”

My little sister got graded on a paper once and my Mom asked her how she did. “I don’t know Mom…but I don’t think I did very good. The teacher wrote Stupen-dowse!” My Mom laughed so hard. My sister had thought, like yourself, that the word stupendous had to be derived from the word stupid. She was very really relieved to find that it meant she had done really well. We still laugh about it many years later!

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