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If you overheard someone saying that your hair looks fake, would you take it as a complement or insult ? My hair is 100 % natural by the way?

Asked by suzanna28 (684points) October 23rd, 2011

My mother-in-law told her husband that my hair looks fake..

I found it offensive. How would you feel ? Would you take it as a complement ?

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Insult. Unless it looks really dry and unhealthy. Then she may be trying to tell you via your husband that you need to do something with your hair and make it more natural and healthy looking.
It would still be an insult but you would know if she meant it to be mean or helpful.

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I wouldn’t really care at all. It’s just hair and there are worse things in life to worry about.

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Sounds like she maybe a bit jealous and actually likes your hair and wishes hers would look as good

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How was it stated? My sister in law has the most gorgeous long hair I’ve ever seen and the color is 100% real, a dark brown with natural gold highlights. She could be on a shampoo commercial. People have asked her if that is her “real hair” meaning the color. Trust me, it is. She’s too thrifty to pay for anything other than Pantene for her hair. So perhaps it was a back handed compliment.

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well her husband was complementing my hair.. so maybe she was jealous..because maybe he never told her she has nice hair..
I don’t know

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Ok, so it was a jealousy reaction. I’d ignore it.

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You didn’t maybe have a stuffed hare with you, right? ;-)

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Jealousy. A man who compliments another woman’s hair usually means it.

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treat it as a complement. Your mother-in-law must be irked by her husband’s statement.

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Take it as a compliment.

It’s like: She has great tits. I bet they’re fake.

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if you look at one of the old threads asking about what men’s “perfect woman” would look like, quite a number of people said she would have long luscious hair. From that I take it to mean that long hair is related to sex appeal in the minds of a lot of men. For him to say you have beautiful hair may be being read by his wife as the same as him saying you’re hot. A mildly sexual comment.

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Well, I’m damn-near bald. So I’d be pretty insulted if she thought the little remaining hair I have looks fake.

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Sounds like it’s supposed to be an insult, but I wouldn’t personally be fazed because it’s a very petty comment (if it’s meant negatively.)

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