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Can anyone help me to find a method by which I can measure the concentration of caffeine?

Asked by arjen22 (40points) October 25th, 2011

I want to provide an experiment by measuring the concentration of coffee in 3 different ways of preparing the coffee.(filter, instant, cooked coffee). I know for spectrophotometry and liquid chromatography but these methods are not available to me. Is there any other method?

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So, I’m guessing measuring the soapiness of soap didn’t work out, and now you’re looking for the “coffee-ness” of coffee?

Is what you really need help coming up with a Science Fair project or something?

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Uhm…if you cant do chomotography or spectrophotometry or some sort of testing. The really there are no ways except taste method. You could do a taste test with some coffee lovers. But the soap idea is better honestly. Message me for some more ideas how we can do the soap one.

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