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Who decided that age of majority in Canada and America is 18? How can the requirements for whom is an adult be changed?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) October 25th, 2011

Who has the authority to make these decisions? Also how detailed can one be in making decisions, like for example making specific requirements for adulthood? I thought that 200 years ago you had to be 25 male and a land owner to vote…then that evolved to what we have now. What would be the next evolution and how could it happen?

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In the US for purposes of drinking alcohol, and military service, Congress passed a law and the president signed it. Alcohol consumption is technically left to the states, but they lose a hefty percentage of their highway funds if they set it under 21.

The 26th Amendment set the voting age in the US.

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@WestRiverrat So a constitutional amendment to the 26th amendment would be necessary to make changes?

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@talljasperman To change the voting age, yes.

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Psst…—Here is the dirty Yankee secret they do no want anyone to know—. The age of consent is not 18yr officially set everywhere. In fact, wait for it, most of the nation it isn’t. Because most TV shows and movies are made in California, the age the media presents is 18. If the show were to allude to the age of consent being 16yrs it would be played as pedophilish.

Here are some of the places where the age of consent is 16yr in Yankee Town:
• S. Carolina 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• N. Carolina 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Kentucky 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Ohio 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• W. Virginia 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Maryland 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Pennsylvania 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Connecticut 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Rhode Island 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Massachusetts 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Maine 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Indiana 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Michigan 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Nevada 16yr 18yr for lesbians
• Montana 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• S. Dakota 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Minnesota 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Iowa 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Kansas 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Oklahoma 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Arkansas 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Mississippi 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Alabama 16yr 16yr for lesbians
• Georgia 16yr 16yr for lesbians

And at least 8 states where the age of consent is 17yr. But that is a secret, we don’t want the US to seem like those pedophilic nations like China and Brazil where the age is 14yr, or those even more heinous people in Senegal where it is down to 13yr. OH my, the humanity! (sorry for that sarcasm….it was rather dry in here)

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In the United States, the state legislatures set the age for voting, drinking, etc. They represent the people.

In Canada, it varies by province. It is set by the provincial government, which represents the people.

It could be changed, but only if there is a real sea change in society.

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@marinelife The state legislatures used to set the voting age. The 26th Amendment changed that as of July 1, 1971.

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@WestRiverrat Thanks for the correction.

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Government has the authority to make these decisions.

I doubt if things will change any time soon unless there seems to be a crying need to make it happen. In general, society seems happy with the definition of adulthood as we have it now.

Are you unhappy? If so, why?

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