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When was the most disappointing time you were mistaken about something?

Asked by Bryar (153points) October 25th, 2011

You thought something… But you were mistaken, and it was very disappointing.
What was it?

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A relationship working out.

But, It obviously fared worse for her than me, so that was a nice touch at the end.

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I thought I loved him.
I thought he could be “The one”, or something stupid, and childish like that…

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@AshLeigh Lol, I know right, we’re retards XD

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@XOIIO, well, we know now. :D

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@AshLeigh, and @XOIIO, been there!
Looks like we were all retards. >.<

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My first name is spelled “Katharine.” I thought my mom named me after Katharine Hepburn. She didn’t. I have always been disappointed about that.

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Definitely reading more into a relationship than was real. And “disappointing” is the embryo of the adult adjective that describes my feelings.

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Yep, relationships, marriage and friends. It can take years for someones true colors to show up and it’s always disappointing to realize that you’ve been involved with a fraudulent personality.

Note to the kiddos…has nothing to do with being young, happens all your life, no matter what your age, until you get really wise to the red flags of phoney people.

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Two major ones in the last 3 months.
An amazing, seemingly perfect new friend that lasted two intense, awesome weeks, then it was cut off. I still don’t know why or if I did anything wrong. The worst thing, for me, is to be totally cut off and not know why—it physically hurts and takes so long to go away.

And a student that I supported for 5 years suddenly going batshit. She came from a bad home and I spent a lot of time supporting her as her teacher, coach and class sponsor. She was on her way to doing good things but got into drugs. She WAS my son and his girlfriend’s friend until she went berserk (precisely because she wasn’t getting laid that night), beat my son’s girlfriend up, and when others tried to help her calm down, attacked them with a knife and scissors. Nobody was hurt, but when she got out of the mental hospital, she put all the blame on my son and his girlfriend. Mind-blowing disappointing.

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When I thought the speeding car behind me would stop in time, she never! :-/

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@Coloma, I think we’re all aware of that.
It’s not always about red flags, or phony people. Sometimes things happen, and it’s no ones fault. I lived, and I learned. :)

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Liking someone online and giving my highest hopes for meeting him only to have him never wanting to meet me. I really started to care for him only to figure out he had never intended to meet me.

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When I thought Jacky had been found—alive

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My biggest disappointment..has fixed itself for now. I can only hope it stays fixed.

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