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Ever lose an argument where you were right?

Asked by filmfann (50583points) October 26th, 2011

Last week at work, a coworker started an argument with me regarding how we are dispatched to jobs.
Admittedly, I was not feeling well (i have had a cold), and I wasn’t prepared to defend my position. He deflected the issue, and blamed me for not following the rules as he saw them. I was flustered and self defensive, and I have no doubt I lost that argument.
The problem is I was right.
I am going to try to discuss this again tomorrow morning, to make sure my point is made.
Have you ever lost an argument where you were right? How did you resolve it? Did anyone notice?
I equate this to an innocent man being found guilty due to bad lawyering.

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I have known that I was right about something, but given up arguing about it.

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Yes. But my family has learned that if I give in, it is usually because I know I will be proven right in time. If its not a big deal than I will sometimes let things go because I know time will complete my arguement for me.

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Personally I’d not bother to have the discussion with this person. It seems to me he has an agenda that runs on him being “right”. If you do manage to “win” that argument, he’ll show up rather quickly with another one. It’s not worth it.

I would however, log the incident with your supervisor with as little drama as possible. I’d make sure to point out to him/her that you do follow the “rules” as they are spelled out, and imply that you don’t want to take credit for his work. It’s important to make sure there is no “blaming” going on, just clarification.

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Any man who has been in a long term relationship with a woman he loves, has lost at least one fight where he was right.

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“No one truly ever wins an argument. It’s simply a battle of ignorance.” ~ Anonymous

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If I get into a debate over the internet over things and people have “power” over particular forums/sites it doesn’t matter if I’m right or not. I get silenced just because they can. And the reasons aren’t important it’s just because I do not enter into the standards. And the problem isn’t here it’s somewhere else.
In the end it doesn’t matter since I just let things pass. In the end the whole moderation doesn’t matter at all.
I don’t get frustrated over such unimportant things. I just let them feel better when they have something above me :)

At work is the same but is somehow different. In the end they come to me asking for help and even if they were jerks I still help out. Why? because my Beloved Brother ask me to turn the other cheek :)
People dissin me all the time. Yet I’m even better than before.

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@tedd Only one! ;-) Lol…..

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I allow some battles to be lost because they just aren’t worth the effort. I save my energy for the ones that matter. I think that causes people to under estimate me some times. They think that because I give them their way most of the time that they can walk all over me. A few have learned though, that when Judi puts her foot down, you had better get out of the way. I don’t need to win often, but when I do you don’t want to be on the opposing side.

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When I was younger I would argue until the cows came home…… Now I just put my point across & leave them mumbling to themselves, try to keep a dignified silence, until the penny drops :-/
If it really needs to be sorted, then I’ll sort it….. :-/

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My wife says that I should lower the commode lid, when finished for her. But she refuses to raise the commode lid, when she is finished.

I asked her, “where is the equality here?. If I lower, you should raise the lid for me!” My comments went in one ear and out the other. I contended that I am correct.

She did come back with a defensive tactic that blew me away.

She said, “men can pee standing up or sitting down and women can only go by sitting on the commode”.

Hmmmmm. I thought about this a few minutes and was attempting to compare equal rights against equal peeing positions.

I reluctantly gave in, although I still believe I am correct.

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Every one I’ve ever had with my wife over whether there is compelling evidence that ancient aliens built the Egyptian Pyramids and Teotihuacan, and whether there is compelling evidence that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and the holy grail is really his still-surviving bloodline. She’s addicted to the “History” channel and all its conspiracy theorist’s blather. Because it’s on TV, she just believes it.

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@john65pennington It was really important to the girls and not such a hard thing for the guys, so, whatever. Here’s a hint. Get one of those auto-closing lids. They are a marriage-saver. Just a little push and down they go, silent as a winter snow. Once you get in the habit, you never really think about it…

… except when visiting someone who doesn’t have such a seat and you give it a little push and it goes crashing down. Too bad. Their problem for not having one of the self-closing toilets.

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Wundayatta, thanks. I will investigate it. jp

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Oh yes. I have a family member who is so good an arguing and manipulating conversations that I will always lose. Doesn’t matter if I’m right – I just don’t have their skill. It’s frustrating but I’ve learned to not engage them.

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Pretty much always. Mainly because I’m not smart enough to come up with logical reasons for why I’m right.

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Any husband with a relatively harmonious married relationship would know that we have been in the right side of most arguments but admittedly choose to give up on pursuing because we know better….

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Yes, but mostly with children or my DIL. She thinks that she wins every argument because people walk away rather than put up with her nonsense.

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Yes, but you work with the person and if you normally have a reasonable rapport, you can always circle back around it again. The goal, hopefully, is a continuing good relationship between the two of you.

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Yes. Sometimes I just don’t feel like arguing, for whatever reason. Maybe I wasn’t ready to defend my position, or I just knew that the other person wouldn’t listen anyway. “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

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Yes. When your supervisor tells you that #123456 stands for 12 green, 24 red, and 56 yellow, and tells you you’re arrogant and incompetent for insisting it’s any other way, the boss is always right :-p

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I’ve had a girlfriend before…
it follows that…

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Of course, especially when dealing with parents.

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