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I am thinking about adopting an Italian Greyhound from a rescue group. He was rescued from a puppy mill. Anything that I should know about this breed?

Asked by Jude (32190points) October 26th, 2011

Also, the fact that he comes from a puppy mill.

Info given on the dog:

Ruckus is from a puppy mill so he is a bit on the timid side, but once he gets to know you he will give you 100% He will not be adopted to a family with small children as this breed is known to be very fragile…

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They break easily.

I’m not being facetious – I think we’ve seen every IG in Durham for a broken leg. So make sure that the lifestyle that you envision with a dog fits. They also tend to require frequent dental cleanings.

Other than that, they’re nice little dogs, but tend to be timid. He may be even more so, having been raised in a puppy mill. You may also find that he’s hard to house-train.

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I think they’re high energy dogs. Plus as syz said he’s going to be very timid. On the plus side if you save a dog like that and gain their trust, the love you’ll receive is unlimited.

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The ones I’ve known have been reserved of other people, but not their owners.
They need a long walk or a good run daily.

They tend to be a quiet breed and do well in apartments.

EDIT: Where you live, this breed needs a sweater or a coat, too. They chill easily.

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This breed is very willful and hard to train. It is best to work with a trainer that has experience with Italian Greyhounds.

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Almost any puppy raised in a puppy mill will have behavior problems. They were never properly socialized and often abused. A lot of times the dogs adjust to the rescue and completely change when you get them home.

I’m not trying to discourage you from getting a pure breed rescue, I just want you to be aware.

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I owned one when I was a kid. He got cold easily and hated the snow. We used to put a sweater on him and he loved it.
He would also go under the covers for warmth when you were sleeping. The first time he wedged that snout under the covers and slithered up along side me I about hit the ceiling. After that is was kind of nice.
They can accelerate and run incredibly fast but cannot stop as quickly. He would often plow into the walls or furniture when running around indoors. He could be sitting quietly on the couch and then suddenly spring from the couch to the chair about 6 feet away and then leap another 8 feet toward the response to the tiniest sound. You did not want to have anything breakable between him and the door.

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Video of Ruckus.

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Awww There’d be no way I wouldn’t say yes to him!

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@Jude He’s absolutely gorgeous. Congrats
He just doesn’t retreive well.

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I found this about IG .
Hope it helps. It list possible hereditary conditions and ailments as well as what type of collar is best for them and behavior. Personally for the collar, I would probably choose a harness type.

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Haha, I had a big, goofy hound dog once named “Ruckus.” ;-)

The only Italian Greyhound I have known belonged to friends of my ex husbands family. “Alex” was sweet, but super high strung, and it seemed he always had a nervous “shiver” going on. But, he was alert, cute and docile. They are cute little dogs.

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Most puppy mill dogs are inbred and this could be a major problem for you. This can effect the dogs psychology state of mind and may be very unpredective in its actions and moods.

Watch it carefully.

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He is beautiful! I have always liked the ‘blue’ color on dogs like Danes and Pits and the IG.
Very pretty! :-)

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I love the way that they run. And they prance around in that little hackney motion.

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I love the name Gavroche.

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What a wonderful dog.


They don’t like cold weather or a cold environment. They love to cuddle up with their owners, and even share their bed if given the chance. Italian greyhounds are very friendly, a bit shy and sometimes a bit nervous. They need a reassuring, calm owner. No loud noises or harsh training methods.

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