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Does any bus go directly from Philly to Bel Air, MD (or another town in the northeast suburbs of Baltimore)?

Asked by marmoset (1258points) October 26th, 2011

Best I can find so far is Greyhound’s service from Philly to Aberdeen (which takes three times as long and costs twice as much as Greyhound’s Philly to Baltimore).

Do you know of any other lines—for example, one of the Chinatown lines—that goes from Philly directly to a stop in Baltimore’s northeast suburbs?

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I so messed up my previous response. :-)

I don’t think there is anything directly to Belair. Amtrak will get you to from Philly, 30th Street Station to Baltimore for $44+ depending on the time you travel and then you would have to take a local bus to Belair. I looked at the Chinatown buses and it looks like the closest they can get you is D.C.

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