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Is it normal to feel less energetic at 25 than you did at 18?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) October 27th, 2011

I am only 25 but this year has really made me feel my age. I feel tired often and just less motivated then I have in the past. When I was 18…or even 20 for that matter I could jump up and ready for anything anytime any place. Lack of sleep, lack of food…whatever I was good to go. Now at 25 I feel like if I don’t have a full nights rest and a decent meal I am cranky or so tired I procrastinate to the point of dragging myself where I need to go or waiting til the last minute. Is this normal to feel such a drastic change? Is it just normal aging and getting older? Just curious what you guys have experienced.

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yeah, I have the 97 year old syndrome too, and I’m 22.

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I just turned 38. Trust me, it’s all downhill from here :D

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Probably a small amount but it shouldn’t be drastic. At 25 you are still pretty young. Seen a doc lately?

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I didn’t feel that way at 25, but it was damn close after that.

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At 25, it is not normal. But not normal can be a good thing as every one has thought i am abnormal in my ideas for all of my life, much longer than 25. I take abnormality as a compliment. I suggest the same for you and wish you enjoy the moment of your being 25. it is a great place to be.

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At 18 there is relatively little stress to deal with, probably much more at 25 if you have a job, kids and other responsibilities to deal with. Stress will make you feel run down.

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Just try to run 20 minutes every other day. You’ll get some much needed endorphine release and feel younger again in no time. It’s also a state of mental being, try to include working on a hobby every day for at least one hour?

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I have to say that comparing your current self to your 18-year-old self is a bit of a high bar to clear. You will be a little slower, slightly less motivated, and all that, which is normal as you both age past your physical prime and become wise enough to realize that much of the stuff you did five years ago might kill you today.

When I was 20-ish, I could and did put away at least two pitchers of beer a night. By 25, I couldn’t finish the second pitcher, and I would probably pass out after one pitcher now. I used to be energetic and idealistic; at 25 I was more cautious and apathetic, and now I am a cranky old man about thirty years younger than I thought I would be when I turned into one.

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It depends on the day. I’m certainly not able to deal with hangovers the way I used to.

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I notice I’m slowing down a little bit. I find it harder to keep the pounds off and my knees hurt when I stand up but I’m 64 almost 65. I have found that these problems get worse when I don’t excercise. I don’t remember having any of these problems at 25.

I suggest that you get outside more and do something strenuous like jogging or mountain biking. I don’t jog because of leg problems but biking gets your heart rate and breathing up and is easier on you knees and joints than jogging. I also find that I just feel better and more energetic. You may be spending too much time at work or at your computer rather than using your body. Even handicapped people feel better when they excercise.

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BUCK UP! You wanna trade? I will show you what tired feels like. Wait until you become a Half a Buck Chuck, you will spit blood to get back to 25yr again.

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@boxer3 I am laughing at 97 syndrome‚Ķ. I know I didn’t start feeling slower till I was chasing a 2 yr old around, which was just last year and I am now 42.

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@creative1 , hahaha it just kind of sneaks up on you.
It’s 6 in the afternoon and I’m yawning- people are looking at me like, seriously….you’re tired right now, looks like you need a coffee.

what they don’t know is I can drink a coffee and go to sleep.
hahah. I may be in trouble as the years go on.

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@boxer3 I don’t know if you hit the gym, you may think it would make you more tired but I find the more exercise I do the more energy I get

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I felt more energetic at the age of 30 than I did when I was 18. I took better care of myself when I was 30.

Eat well, exercise and get the rest you need. You shouldn’t feel less energetic at 25.

damn, @jerv. I didn’t realize I’m older than you. I’m 40. :P

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I would go to a doctor to be sure. Could be just stress, could be that your sleep is being interrupted by teeth grinding or sleep apnea or something, could be a vitamin deficiency of some kind, could be depression or could be something like borderline thyroid problems. It might just be a lack of feeling inspired in your current life, and exercise really does help with that. I would go to the doctor and just mention it, they may send you for a blood test, but at least then you’ll know if there’s anything fundamental you need to change. If there is anything wrong, then you don’t want to let it fester, right.


Could be normal. I didn’t feel that disparity until I reached 30. These days, I tire more easily and have a harder time getting out of bed most days. :(

But 25 is still so young. I would get a full physical from your doctor. Not to scare you, but kidney disease, thyroid problems, and other endocrine gland disorders can make you feel tired at a young age.

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I think stress is a big factor, as mentioned above.

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Of course, but it also might be your immune system.

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I think it’s just alot of routine day in and day out that is old. It’s just work after work after work. I think if things didn’t seem so routine I’d probably be more excited to do things and fell less tired and worn down. Does that seem possible?

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Yeah, I am 27. I felt it few months before. I had to work for 18 hours a day, that’s another possible reason.

I don’t know if this is in air or what. Many around me felt same few months back. I doubt it’s infectious or contagious.

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Have you gained weight? That makes everything more difficult.

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Everyone feels their age differently, there is no right/wrong, normal/abnormal to it.

Stress IS the number one reason for feeling fatigued and not up to par.

But..heh, wait ‘til you hit your 50’s…yep, regardless of how healthy you are, you WILL be feeling the ol’ bod gettin’ funkier. My “jumping off ” place has JUST become really noticable this year at almost 52 in Dec. If I have several high energy/action days I need an equal amount of recovery time. lol

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I heard 27 is the prime age…for males at least.

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Sadly, yes. The older you get, the more you need to stay active to retain energy. I’m in my 50’s and have to work hard at it. LOL

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Welcome, and yes, I hear ya loud and clear. :-)

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Just to let you know, I understand tired. Since the 18th, I’ve flown 25 hours, spent another 24 hours in airports and worked at least 10 hours a day with 0 days off. I’m going to take a couple days off and start over again. The secret is not to do this all the time and learn to say no to your boss and customers.

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Coming back to this post at age 33…..I was not tired at age 25…I am very tired at 33 lol. My God.

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@johnny0313x Thanks for getting back to us. It’s always interesting to see how things work out.

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