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Are there any cities that truly never sleep?

Asked by Nullo (21973points) October 27th, 2011

Ones that have all of the perfectly legitimate business and people as a daylight city. I saw something like it in a music video once – a guy was wandering around out-of-doors at night, through sidewalk fruit stands, book stores and the like.

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If it exists, I’m packing up my stuff and moving asap.

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My local supermarket is open all day and night except for Sunday nights (I guess they have to clean sometimes). That’s the nearest we get to it here.

I don’t think tere will ever truly be a 24/7 city because regular businesses, offices and the like, would never open at night.

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All I can tell you from personal experience is that New York, in spite of claims to the contrary, in spite of all the things you can do 24 hours a day in New York City, don’t try ordering flowers after about 6:00pm. In a city than supposedly never sleeps, it’s florists seem to call it a night remarkably early.

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I have experienced the same dilemma as lillycoyote in N.Y.C. Apparently the florists go to bed early there.

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Lahore, Pakistan. Seriously.

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Eventually when we’ll expand beyond this point we’ll have to create a nighttime life [not for drinking and partying] but for jobs and such. I know some companies work in three shifts but it’s more than this. If we’ll want to survive we’ll need to produce non stop :P
This in a distant future however.

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Based on my dearth of empirical data, my guess is Las Vegas.

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@lillycoyote .. though you may not be able to order flowers after 6 pm, as you claim, there’s an abundance of flower stands that you can walk up to and get the flowers you need, and by NYC, locals really mean the borough of Manhattan.

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I noticed that Vegas pretty much runs the same at night as it does during the day!

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@njnyjobs It was Manhattan where I was looking for florists. But I wasn’t in the city, I was at home, near Philly. I decided at the last minute to send flowers to a friend of mine who was celebrating her 50th birthday so I got on the internet to find a florist in the city. I just thought it would be easier, but I called all sorts of places and they were already closed. Luckily, I was able to find one that was just around the corner from where the party was and they were able to put together a nice arrangement, I was told it was very nice at least, I didn’t see it, and one of the people in the shop agreed to drop it off at the party on his way home from work, so, in the end it all worked out. I was able to order the flowers and have them delivered about an hour after I decided to send flowers to the party which was pretty cool considering it was a last minute thing.

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I grew up in Vegas. It’s the only city I know of where you can eat at a buffet at 3am. There are many people in that city that rarely see the light of day.

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However it’s only the nightlife .. except a few places that have night program people don’t work that much .. I’m referring to night jobs like working as a house decorator, or a gardener. You guys get the point.

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I live near a 24h place, it closes at midnight Saturday though so crap when you are on a booze bender, it then opens at 8am Sunday but the moment has passed. I’ve been in London many a time and managed to get what I need at 4 or 5am. Every city starts waking at at least 6am so I guess what you are looking for is those hours between 2am and 5am. In any big city you will find them, you just have to know where to look!

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Well, I consider any activity that’s mutually consensual and peaceful and done in private to be perfectly legitimate, so that would encompass just about every city and even some large towns.

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L.A. never sleeps. Ever!

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Las Vegas.

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@lillycoyote: if you want flowers after 6pm, many supermarkets tend to have them. I’ve seen this phenomenon even in rather off neighborhoods, including Sunnyside and Ridgewood in Queens.

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