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How do you feel about people expressing opinions about other countries Politics / Government / Legal Structure / Rights etc. ?

Asked by RareDenver (13141points) October 28th, 2011

Do you think it’s / part of being on the internet / a bit rude / kinda arrogant / out of order / a stupid thing to do / just politics / to be encouraged / healthy discourse / etc etc ?

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I think there is a whole lot of assumption and arrogance, yes.
Countries get their reputation through their government, but, we should never reduce the individuals to a collective generalization.

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Depends on the example. When Europeans are appalled at our lack of public health care, or laugh at how Gary Hart lost hope as presidential candidate for having had one mistress, or when they are astounded and horrified that we had a retarded cowboy (GW Bush) as warmongering president for eight years, I think they are correct and welcome their observations.

When Americans deride France in ignorant ways and talk about Freedom Fries, I’d rather they shut up. ;-)

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So long as they’re educated on that country’s culture and issues, it doesn’t much bother me. I generally think the people affected by decisions should have the greatest say in those decisions, though.

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Well, if they don’t actually know what they’re talking about, it’s not good, but that’s with everything.

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As others have said, if they are well informed and no what they are talking about, I don’t see any problem. I think the more informed people are and the more we talk to each other the better off the world is. It’s been my experience that people from other countries are much better informed; know more about the U.S. than Americans know about the rest of the world. Americans can be kind of “provincial”, to put it nicely. :-) And Americans can be kind of touchy, I think. Some Americans tend view anything critical or questioning said about the U.S. as anti-Americanism rather than what it often is and that is legitimate criticism.

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I feel its healthy. After all its a group of individual that creates the people represented who ultimately run government. We can’t sit here in the U.S.A. and constantly feel sorry for the world when its other countries peoples who should take charge of their government. The blue print for revolution is well written in history. I guess Americans who express their opinion about other countries politics and etc better have a damn good understanding of what is current of that region and who its affecting. So many factors come into a good credible argument. To just bash other countries in an uneducated way is not necessarily American, it is however ignorant.

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Talking about things can be either good or bad, depending upon how it’s done. If it’s ignorant, they should STFU. But sometimes it’s important, and can affect things for people that need it – enough pressure, after all, made apartheid go away.

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We all know the joke about opinions being like a$$holes, right? Everybody’s got one. Everybody’s entitled to one. But unless you are informed about the situation in the other country, at least start with a disclaimer that this opinion might stink…

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