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Who else is expecting serious snow and possible power outages tomorrow and Sunday?

Asked by gailcalled (54621points) October 28th, 2011

Didn’t we just finish shoveling the last snow flake off the driveway about two days ago? Yet again, I am about to: fill the bathtub; store drinking and bathing water in stock pots; make soup; bring in wood; have a shower; and wash all the dishes and laundry. It seemed easier when I was a year younger. Send words of encouragement, please.

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Don’t forget the flashlights, candles and gas for the generator.
Sorry Gail, I hope it isn’t too bad for you.

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You know how much I love the snow and wish I could be there to take your place. Take care of yourself! I know you will.

I hope it doesn’t get too bad for you.

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We just put a blade on the tractor. We’re set.

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@gailcalled Just came on to check the forecast. Good luck to you guys.

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@wilma: I do have all of those plus my favorite, which is a minor’s head lamp. And I no longer use candles, due to concerns about Milo’s habit of leaping tall buildings at single bound and my carelessness.

But you tell me I have a generator? Where? Point me in the right direction.

Three days ago I paid my lawn mower guy for the last mowing of the season. And I have a gardener scheduled to put the gardens to bed next Friday. Difficult to do with a foot of snow.

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Might get to 30* on Sunday morning for a low. But it was 79* yesterday.

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@Tropical_Willie: That’s not the comment I am looking for. Deductions for you.

Forecast just up from 6” – 12” to 10” – 15”. Send the dog sleds my way.

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Get out the hot chocolate and the camp stove. Put an extra quilt on the bed. Turn the headlamp on and settle in with a good book. Stay safe and stay warm. Not to wish away time, but spring will be here before we know what has happened.

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Hang in there Sweetie! I’m sure this is the last storm of the season.

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OK, so I didn’t go to bed, yet. I’m still prepared for Irene, and I have kitty litter for non-skid. It’s all good.

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Best wishes for the storm, quite frankly I’m jealous, the soonest it’s ever snowed here is Thanksgiving. You’ve got a pioneer spirit and Milo. Make Milo Snow Angels and post a pic. haha

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Full sun and upper 60s here Saturday. Sunday’s suppose to be just sunny and 60 ; )
I second the Milo snow angels!!

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@janbb: Penguins have forked tongues now?

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It’s a well-kept ssssecret!

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@janbb: For the record, I wish that I had thought of that remark first.

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@gailcalled The neighborhood I use to live in has 10 to 12 inch forecast. That is one reason I moved to the North Carolina. Stay safe and keep warm.

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I will be furious if this is true.
Unless of course they made a mistake, and the snow comes monday,
and I have no class.

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We’re currently expected to get about 8 to 12 inches in the Frederick, MD area. But it could easily go up from that, we’re just barely outside of the “red zone” of snowfall. Maryland isn’t at all prepared for this kind of weather this early in the season, so on the plus side, I’m sure your area will be able to deal with the weather more effectively than we’ll be able to! Take this as an opportunity to catch up on some of that reading you’ve been meaning to get to. ;)

I, on the otherhand, will be stuck in traffic on the way home from a college visit in Virginia…Virginians tend to flip out during snow storms. All of the traffic, but none of the snow! X(

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It’s freezing Viking style here, but no snow. They’re predicting sunny skies till the end of the weekend. Still, that Sun feels pretty far away…I still haven’t taken the AC down, and it’s letting all the cold air in here. (lol that sounds pretty retarded) But that’s okay, I like wearing big sweaters and curling up in my bed.
Good luck with this, hope it won’t get any worse.

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@Symbeline Freezing Viking style. I like. =)

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@gailcalled I was just watching the weather channel and the Berkshires are going to get hit hard. I’ll be thinking of you and Milo. They said they are expecting major tree damage. Keep warm and safe.

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I’ll come over and help you. Just get MY room ready! You know which room it is!

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@Dutchess III: Well, it is an extra-long king-sized bed. (My ex is 6’ 5” and was a bed hog). There’s room for the three of us with no difficulty. Milo gets first choice and also gets to choose whom he wakes up and when.

If the sun ever comes out, I’ll send you pix of my two guest rooms, both charming and with good light (and their own private bath).

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We just have slush falling out of the sky now. It’s icky.

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@JilltheTooth: Now you tell me. I just finished harnessing the dogs to their sled and heating up Milo’s paw warmers and lap robe. It’s steady and unremitting.

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I just took Zuppy out. He was ankle deep in a freezing puddle. Not a happy puppy…

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It’s beautiful out! Sunny and 70. Don’t know WHAT you guys are complaining about!

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Well, the snow ended up barely hitting here, despite weather reports that say differently. Only a dusting. :(

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Most of it slid to our East. It’s still coming down but not too bad.

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