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What would be a good way to promote music?

Asked by mteutsch (177points) May 12th, 2008

What would be a good way to promote music, online? I don’t have the ability to play out, so I use Myspace and other sites, Ourstage recently. However, it still appears that I am having a hard time getting the music out. Any suggestions, because as we all know, the market (Internet) is saturated with these types of DIYs. When I say DIY, I mean electronic. trust me, I know the true, original DIY aesthetic is hard work and very time consuming.

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Two sites I can think of off the top of my head are… – for fans and such – for link sharing of your tunes the KISS way

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You could also promote on music sites like Jango, MOG, and IMEEM, or be tricky and direct some portals to your webpage using games like PMOG.

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Be a naked chick.

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Check out Some of my students are promoting their work this way.

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Do you have a “band” website yet? Buy a domain, and get a friend to design something for you. Oh, and make it friendly for mobile friendly. Burn some CD’s of your music. has some cool designs you could incorporate into some homemade packaging. Leave said CD’s where ever you go. Music store, record shop, coffee shop, school, you get the idea.

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Make a demo CD and give it out to people. Make stickers and pins and other small things and be willing to eat the cost. Then you can give them out for free and people won’t be suspicious of someone trying to “sell” them something. I used to play in a local band and in my experience anything you do to promote yourself in real life will go way further than something you do to promote yourself online. But, of course, make as many myspace-type music pages as you can as the internet is a great tool for people discovering your music.

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I have to echo what elchoopaebre has to say. Continue with the on-line promotions, but don’t forget real world promotions and networking.

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The Track Shack

If you like it, send me a pm. I have a few coupons for $10.00 off.

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Use a Creative Commons license and allow the redistribution of your work

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call your band “Free Beer.” they will come by the thousands when they hear that theres “free beer” on friday night lol

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Free anything would probably work too.

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myspace is the best place to do it bro

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myspace…have connections…HAVE GOOD MUSIC, to start out with
...just saying because some people put stupid trash no-good music on myspace thinking everyone in the world is going to add them
kind of harsh i know, but just have your stuff together before trying to promote your music.

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Purevolume, lastfm, myspace (which is actually where lily allen got her fame from <3) facebook, and youtube oh and twitter! I suggest also, after you get on all those, put yourself on social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon and delicious.
Don’t forget digg ^_^

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CRAP! I forgot Stickam. You can perform live! I have LOTS of friends who used to come in my live and perform for people there!

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RE: video sites – Stickam crashes so much I stopped using it. They seriously need to upgrade their servers. In the meantime, broadcast a free live show (and store recorded videos) on, (newer site, runs smooth), (lots of production control in the back-end, perhaps too much for some people), and I suggest broadcasting out to all 4 simultaneously, no reason not to. Assuming you have a computer and broadband that can deal with it.

MySpace is a disaster of viruses and spam, but people still use it. If you aren’t doing live gigs, you’ll need to use every site possible. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Purevolume, Garageband, Bonxo, and those mentioned by others. Sign up to every social and independent music site you can find, and put up new content at least once a week.

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