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how can i make an address book in microsoft office?

Asked by ajl (27points) June 23rd, 2007

I thought there was an easy way, but haven't been able to find it! Are there templates or something that I am missing?

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* Go to the Start menu, choose Shut Down.
* Unplug your computer
* Carry it to the roof
* Drop it off the ledge
* Go to the closest Apple store
* Buy a Macintosh
* Open Address Book
* Choose File > Print

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Do you have Microsoft Outlook? I can't remember if it is in Microsoft Office, but I'm sure it comes with each Windows XP and higher.

Microsoft Outlook is mainly an email-receiving program, but it also serves as a calendar, a note page, and an address book. And maybe a couple other things. It's all in all a very useful program.

Using Microsoft Office, I could probably make an address book, but that's because I'm good at using computers. I'm not sure how to translate it in words. I think I should say you can either use Word and use the tables, or you can use Excel and fill in the blanks.

But I highly recommend Outlook over Word and Excel. Good luck! :-)

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I agree w @ least, he made me laugh. Address book in Mac can be handled by a 4 yr old.

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You can use the "Contact list" in Outlook to create an address book, but you can't control the formatting very well.

I'm working on an application that will take a database or an excel spreadsheet of a membership roster and turn that into a beautifully typeset directory for a small professional organization with around 400 members, if this is for something like that you could contact me and we can chat =)

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You could use MS Access or MS Works

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