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Laptop is not recognizing ipod touch in "my computer?"?

Asked by AshlynM (10509points) October 30th, 2011

My ipod touch works just fine with itunes but I don’t see it as a drive on “my computer” for editing. I can download everything to the ipod fine, I just don’t see it as a drive.

All I see are: local drive, dvd, and memory stick.

Is there a way to fix this?

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This informaton from Apple might help. I the link if for when your iPod isn’t recognized by both iTunes and my computer, as a drive; then they had a help for when your iPod is recognized as a drive by not by iTunes, but nothing for what seems to be your specific problem: iTunes yes, drive no. Hope it works.

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It is an option for older iPods. When you plug in your iPod, it would show up under the ‘DEVICES’ list in iTunes. Click on your iPod & there was an option to ‘enable disk use’. Which would mount your iPod like any other external mass media device.

However, this option is not available to iPod Touch. There may be a third party program that can do this, but unless you have a good reason for wanting to have the iPod show up in My Computer… I’d just leave it alone. May I ask why you would like to have your iPod visible under My Computer? I may be able to help with whatever it is you want to do with the iPod.

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Oops! My answer was bad. I just realized you have an iPod Touch, not an regular iPod. Never mind. :-) Sorry, I should have read your question more carefully. But yes, @rpm_pseud0name is right, the iPod Touch can’t be used as or treated like a portable drive and won’t be recognized as such by your computer.

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