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With iPods from 2009 and earlier, is it possible to see which songs are "most played" using only the iPod itself?

Asked by Steven11 (17points) November 1st, 2011

Or played a lot, or played the least…? Very important to know, please help thank you!

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The “Most Played” is a default playlist. Like all playlists, it is populated and controlled from iTunes.

So, plug in your iPod and connect it to iTunes. Make sure you add the “Most Played” playlist to the set of playlists sync’d with your iPod. You can rebuild it as a new smart playlist (File > New Smart Playlist…) if you’ve somehow removed it from iTunes.

Now, when you’ve got your iPod with you, you can select the “Most Played” playlist. The playlist will not update “live” on your iPod, though. It only updates via iTunes.

Edit: should have written “Like almost all playlists…” as you can create On-The-Go playlists with the iPod directly.

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but I’m saying what if I’ve never manually made that playlist. is it even possible to see what songs are mots played..?

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@robmandu smart playlists do update live on the ipod

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@Steven11, I was explaining that “Most Played” is one of the default playlists that comes “out of the box”. So… your iPod used to have it.

In any case, your iPod reports back playcounts to iTunes… and iTunes keeps the master record. So, you can access (or recreate?) this playlist in iTunes – and enable it to sync to your iPod – to get what you want.

Once you’ve got the Most Played playlist on your iPod, you can always access it.

Thanks, @Lightlyseared. Sometimes I think I see where my custom smart playlists don’t… but it’s likely user error. ;-)

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You can see that on iTunes.

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