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I'm going to get married, fellas, how did you go about financing your wife's wedding ring?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) October 30th, 2011

Did you go straight cash?
Did you do special financing?
What kind?
Did you get an engagement ring? (we have decided to go straight for a wedding ring due to my budget)
Did you go for platinum? 18k whitegold? 14kwhite gold? etc?

Your advice is super appreciated!

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JeanPaulSartre is not around fluther much but he’s say something like ‘She picked the rings out on Etsy and they were great and we paid $120 bucks for them together.’

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I stay far far away from financing of any kind.

Save up and enjoy your engagement time together.

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Straight cash. Since we both do some labor, we went 14K gold; 10K wasn’t golden enough, and anything else would be too soft to last.

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We got simple gold bands for $50 each. We’re planning on replacing them this spring for our 20th anniversary. I have a feeling they will cost about the same, but this time they will be silver with a funky design. or we might go for tattoos. who knows. but it will have a sentimental meaning that has nothing to do with glitz

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I don’t have an answer but dropped by to say Hey, Congrats! : )

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My wedding band and engagement ring combined cost about $700. No financing was necessary. They’re quite beautiful, my wedding band is simple with just a row of small baguettes, and my engagement ring has a setting like this, with the diamonds on the side, but it is an antique style ring with filigree, the TW is just about half a carat, both are white gold. You don’t necessarily have to pay a fortune to have a nice wedding ring or set. Congrats on the engagement.

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Since the price of gold has shot up, I’d go with what I could afford. You might be surprised when you look at the price of even 14K gold now. Gold is very soft. If you can afford it, get at least 18K. Did you know Walmart has some really nice jewelry. Gold is gold. Stainless steel is going to be much cheaper and would be nice. Congratulations on the future marriage.

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L’chaim! Huzzah! Congratulations!

Find out from your wife what kind of metal she likes for a ring she’ll wear the rest of her life. Ask her to show you examples of ring styles she likes. She can browse on the computer and save images to a file you can look through.

Most jewelry chains offer financing. Figure out what the range is for she wants and what you can afford, go from there. White gold and platinum are more popular in the last decade than yellow gold, square and rectangle diamond shapes more popular than rounds but again, your fiancee probably has in her mind something she’d love.

We got engaged with a “placeholder” ring, Mr. didn’t have an engagement ring for me. His wedding band I bought straight out, $700.00 white gold. My wedding ring will be made after the wedding and probably paid in a few installments, white and pink gold.

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We had seen a design we liked in a high end jewelry store in Mendocino. We paid cash for the stones, and took them to a custom jeweler here who made the ring. Her engagement band was designed to fit over the wedding band.

We paid cash from my savings.

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If you can gather some cash together, the very best deal is at a reliable pawn shop for your wedding ring. Some of the deals there are outstanding and the selection is outstanding.

People are hurting for money, so they pawn their rings and never pay for them.

Think about this.

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As a side note, We got fancy rings when we married. The design on mine wore off over the years and hers was on the shelf half the time. She had a job that required gloves (which were constantly torn by the stones) and multiple handwashings that left the area under the ring constantly damp. We ended up buying much less expensive titanium bands so she could wear her ring 24/7 and mine matched.

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Congratulations! My husband proposed without a ring. We actually bought a zirconia because he felt strongly he wanted a ring on my finger, and I felt strongly I didn’t want anything we could not pay for in full, and I did not want some rinky dink diamond. We did get matching wedding bands, he wanting them matching, custom made by a friend who is a jeweler, just two types of gold intertwined, less than $150 each at the time. After years of marriage I have a diamond ring I love love love that he bought me spur of the moment when I happened to see it in a jewelry store, we were married about 11 years at the time. It is yellow gold with lots of little diamonds. I also have a diamond engagement ring I inherited that I wear, it is beautiful, platinum, so I use whichever ring matches what I am wearing. I rarely wear that original zirconia, but I still wear my orignal wedding band at times, I still love it.

My advice is get off on the right foot with your marriage and don’t go into debt for a ring. Don’t go into debt for anything.

Has she voiced at all what type of ring she wants? Does she generally wear gold or siilver? Most Americans don’t buy yellow gold engagement rings, but my yellow gold ring gets tons of compliments. It looks sort of Asian. If you get yellow gold make sure it is at least 18k, don’t buy 14k. You said “we” decided on wedding bands. Pick them out together, it doesn’t have to be a surprise.

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Oh, I thought I would add, not sure if you are Jewish, not that it matters, but since @Neizvestnaya gave you a l’chaim I thought maybe? I was told Jews are not supposed to have stones in their wedding bands because the ring represents the marital life, and stones would be interruptions and bumps. I liked that idea, and it is part of the reason I like my simple band. I don’t think you need to be Jewish to like that tradition. I can wear it no matter what I am doing, while my rings with diamonds I worried about when I was working, because my job was very physical for a while, and sometimes it is more appropraite not to be overstated.

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If your wife wants an engagement ring with gemstones and also a wedding band, consider NOT having them soldered together later on so she’ll have the option of choosing when she wants to wear the engagement ring out. As has been mentioned by a few people, a fancier ring doesn’t always mesh with what you all day, you might not want the wear and tear on it.

I’m going into my 2nd marriage and have asked for a separate band of stones from a simpler band I’ll wear for workdays.

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My mom and grandmother wore their wedding band on one hand and engagement ring on the other. I don’t wear mine together, it is one or the other, but both are sized for my left hand. Again, my wedding band is identical to my husbands, it does not match or go with any of my diamond rings.

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