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What can we do when a large group of people commit a crime?

Asked by yejepark (49points) October 31st, 2011

It seems to me when a large group of people commit a crime it no longer becomes a crime.

In South Korea, medical students must take a national exam in order to finally get their degree. However, there were only a few chosen locations with a limited capacity where those students can take exams. So, it was necessary to schedule students on different dates to take the exam. However, these smart students who happened to take the exam before others made a webpage and shared their exam problems. Since it is not possible to make different problems every other exam dates, those who took the exam later could get always perfect score by studying the problems on the webpage. This process eventually became a tradition that students who took exam before others were obliged to put the problems they had on the webpage. When this was discovered, no one could be blamed and no one was divested of his M.D. because almost everyone was involved.

When one bank gives mortgage loan to whom does not have the capability to repay, it is something to blame. However, when every bank does it, it becomes something to rescue.

When one person kills another, he is called a murderer. When a group of people kills another group, they are protectors.

So, I say we should take advantage of other people in a group, shouldn’t we?.

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Um… build a large jail? : )

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Interesting question. But if they really want to stop that they can make different problems for them at different groups. It’s not like they can’t since it’s medicine and there are a lot of weird illnesses out there they can talk about or procedures.
In this case to blame is the technical staff for being lazy, not the students who post the problems or those who rad and study them before going and take the exams. God, I feel so good that I don’t live there. Why? I wouldn’t want to go to a doctor who got his degree like this.

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A crime is a crime, no matter how many people are involved.

The object of the police is to either to prevent this from happening or investigating and arresting those involved, after the fact.

If a group of people ran to the river and jumped in, would an intelligent person follow suit?

This is why humans have brains to make justifiable decisions.

Just because a groupt of people commit a crime, does not mean its acceptable by the majority

True, the banks and lending companies did give mortgage loans to people that did not quality and this has added to Americas failing economy. As I have said before, it’s all about greed.

We all suffer from the above mortgage fraud, especially when the Federal Government uses our tax dollars to bail them out.

Is this fair? No.

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In that particular situation, you reconsider how you administer the exam.

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If a large number of people all make the same transgression, society has to examine itself to see why people are doing this and whether they really want to stop the behavior or not. If Korea wanted to stop the MD behavior, they could open a lot more testing locations, or design multiple tests or maybe something else. But they don’t do this, so clearly they are accepting of the cheating, and thus the degree is somewhat worthless. No one cares enough to do something about it (maybe).

Banks were encouraged to give out unsecured loans by Federal regulations… or the removal thereof. Those regulations can be reinstated, but meanwhile the question is whether we should hold the banks responsible for their mistakes? It was decided that the banks would not be held responsible because to do so would make the economy even worse. Who knows if this was a correct decision, but that’s what the government decided to do.

As to sanctioned murder—that is generally in support of the nation. It might also be in aid of a local community. Certain people are given license to kill by society, and they are supposed to use this license only for the good of the society.

We allow parts of society to break rules when we choose to, for whatever reason—usually it is seen that the greater good of the society comes from allowing people to break these rules. This goes to show you that rules and not black and white. Rather, they are flexible so as to better meet the needs of society.

What can you do? You can convince lawmakers that the exceptions are not in the best interest of society.

I don’t see this as a problem, since I don’t think it is appropriate to write law in stone. Law is for us, not for itself. It is for society to maintain the best interests of society. If the majority think we are better off having doctors with licenses that were attained by copying answers, then who are we to say otherwise? If we were the majority, it would be different, but as long as we are a majority, we don’t count, unless we can get a court to say otherwise. Even then, it may not matter, since few people will go along with a court decision when most people disagree with it.

Let me say it again. The laws serve the people. Not the other way around. If they don’t work, people will disobey them. If enough disobey at the same time, the laws are essentially null and void. Tough noogies if you are a stickler for the rule of law.

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@wundayatta ^^ good answer.

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Interestingly enough, if it is a victimless crime, ignore it. In the late 60s, early 70s pot smoking was so widespread in DC at concerts, rallies, protests, some night clubs and even just walking down the street that the cops ignored it, by and large. Enforcement was only used if they were after a particular person and then even spitting on the sidewalk is enough to get arrested.

Look at Prohibition. What a joke that was. Did a lot for the Kennedys though.

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You mean like selling worthless derivatives and robo-foreclosures? You bail them out of course!

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