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If you could/wanted to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Asked by sydsydrox (648points) October 31st, 2011

Please name the place, where that place is in the world, or near in the world, state why you want/wanted/ already went there, and name your three favorite places or things you did in that place. Have fun!

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I wanna go to…CANADA, you know.. up above us americans, I like the cold and I love canadians ^.^

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@Spallybob1232 that… that’s nice. Remember that time when you said you would go to Canada and the Winter Olymics were still going on, and you said you were leaving and could only take one person with you? I asked, “Is Mario and Sonic going to be there?” and you were all like, “Sure, they have Nintendo DSs there.” oh yeah, and The Creation Of Mario is a beautiful picture.

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Tee hee hee

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I love Canadians

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old chinese guy face ?

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I want to go to a lot of places:


Heck, pretty much anywhere and everywhere. I love traveling, seeing new things, and learning about other areas and ways of life. To me, one of the best ways to learn is to get out there and see it in person and experience it.

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that’s great @Seaofclouds, I just hope that other people love traveling as much as you do :D

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I would love to revisit:
And, I am in FL several times a year and would love to move back.

New places I want to see:

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Just laying around

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Chicago, because I have some friends there.
Paris, because France is practically on my doorstep and I’ve still never been.

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The Tim Horton’s downtown… For a couple of “Chocolate Dips” and “Boston Creams”... or to the place on Man vs. Food where one can get the 1 pound cream puffs….I might have to change my name from TallJasperMan to FatJasperMan.

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partial list: India, Southeast Asia (Burma, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam), Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Italy, France, Spain.

My travels so far have been limited to trips to the local grocery store. Pathetic.

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Back to New Zealand. If it was just a short holiday jaunt, I’d go back to Malta or the South of France.

I am so ashamed that I have lived in Europe for almost 10 years and I haven’t had a decent visit in London and seen The Globe Theatre.

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I want to see as much of America as possible

I would also love to go to Romania and other Eastern European countries and see more of Italy, Greece and Spain.

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My top pick is still New Orleans. I’ll make it there at some point. I’d also like to go back to England and travel all over the island.

I love history so I’m drawn to places that have a lot of it.

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The mountains of China
Macchu Picchu
Angkor Wat

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Basque communities in the hills of France where I some of our families came to America from.

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All over Italy
New Zealand
Glacier National Park

I’ve got tons of other places. I want to go all over.

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I’m looking to visit America, particularly Arizona,The Barringer Meteorite Crater, The Grand Canyon & basically al of New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Colorado and California too. hopefully in the not too distant future :-/

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So many places I want to go!
Though, right now, I wish I was in Buda(pest).
Really craving some pork knuckle from this one place.


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Someone once mentioned in another question that they have some really extreme BDSM sex clubs in the Czech Republic that I’d love to check out…

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Switzerland, or Moscow. I love cold weather, and swiss purses, cheese, chocolate, and army knives. (Very helpful in the wilderness, and if you ask me, they are quite dangerous.)

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I just hung up the phone with my parents. They just returned from a three week tour of China and Hong Kong. They said it was the best trip they have ever been on, they loved it.

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@HungryGuy,,,, Prague is a must, so cheap too, you’ll love the scenery :-/

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I’ve been to Prague and it was amazing. You need at least 4 days. Weekend visits are popular but a weekend isn’t enough. Try to include a Tuesday, and pay a visit to the Ungelt Jazz Club just off Old Town Square. I can’t speak for the BDSM scene though… not my thing.

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Wow, a lot of people here want to visit Italy and France. I know it’s because of the culture, but what really draws you to Europe?

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@sydsydrox the FOOD in France…. absolutely.. and the wine. If I lived in France, I’d be huge. Thank goodness I live in a country where I hate the food and everything is super expensive and I’m too poor to eat a lot.

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@sydsydrox I think it is because many people in the collective are American, and many of us are, or descended from Europe, or we frequently eat food from those countries or know people with a European bacground. So there is some feeling of familiarity, but something more sophisticated about Europe than America. The history, architecture, beauty, food. While for many Americans Asia seems very foreign. Africa seems very foreign and exotic also to many Americans, and South America probably many Americans picture it as third world not desirable, but all of these I name it is not that all Americans feel this way. Also, places like Canada many Americans think it is no big deal, just like being in the US, because one, it is not across an ocean; and two, most of Canada is English speaking.

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