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If you were to take a roundtrip space flight to the Earth's moon, what personal items would you bring along?

Asked by Mantralantis (1502points) November 1st, 2011

The focus is on the personal items in the question. Think carefully about this one, because, as you may know, it would be one very long trip.

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Camera, defiinitely a camera!

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California marijuana.

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an HD pro video cam
a Fluther flag to post

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@mazingerz88 WE HAVE A FLAG????

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@rojo It would be fun to design one for that trip! : ) ( I just posted a question in Meta about this. )

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I know this question is phrased as round trip, but I would probably take stuff I would leave there secretly. Family heirlooms.

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Butt plugs, just in case we veered off course & entered the outer rim of uranus.

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An HD cam to take pictures and video with, some condoms in case I meet an alien, and a ball point pen, just in case.

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My towel.

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