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What are some good alternatives to Google?

Asked by HungryGuy (16024points) November 3rd, 2011

What are some other search engines besides Google? Do you have any that you use regularly? For example, I often use Ixquick fairly often because of its privacy policy (it doesn’t record your IP or keep a history of your searches, but its search results can be lacking at times).

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I normally use Bing and sometimes Yahoo. Haven’t touched google (minus telling it to do a barrel roll every now and then) in months.

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I use Yahoo!

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I use Ixquick too but for images it’s particularly rubbish. Back to google for those, always.

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@downtide – I just tried Bing for the first time (thanks, @King_Pariah). At first glance, it looks to be good at finding images, though it’ll take a bit more use to know for sure. Give it a try…

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@HungryGuy If I highlight a word/phrase a boxed arrow pops up to the left of it for search with Bing.
I think the pictures tab is across the top of the page.

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Has Bing even figured out how to do its own searches yet? Or it is still stealing its results from Google?

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Yeah, Bing is great for images. Still, I always end up reverting back to Google eventually.

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Have you ever Binged your user name? I just did LOL Fluther came up as well as a belly dancer! That’s a definite sign I need to take lessons! I’ve been thinking about it lately because my friend belly dances…

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I only use Ixquick too because it finds things more me no other search setup does.

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Google is an excellent alternative to Google.

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@dappled_leaves Bing is still stealing from Google. And, now, Yahoo is powered entirely from Bing, so Yahoo is also essentially getting its results from Google.

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That’s what I thought… seriously, I don’t know why anyone uses Bing. Bing users, why do you?

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Probably because they want to fool themselves into thinking that they’re not using Google.
It’s also the default search engine for Internet Explorer, so for anyone too lazy to type “” into their URL box…

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I like Bing because 1— I can highlight a word/topic and search it easily from the option that comes up next to it and 2— Bing doesn’t go off and try to search whatever it thinks I am looking for if I alter or change my wording in the search text box on site.
I have the Google toolbar and use it also. I do like the dropdown options it gives you there while typing out a search.

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Thanks, @EnchantingEla. (1) is also available with Google, and I’m not sure what you mean by (2)... do you mean the “Did you mean…” thing? Because, yeah, I agree that is really annoying. It would be nice if they could provide a means of switching that feature off in their settings/preferences.

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1 – I’ve never had that option come up for Google, @dappled_leaves. All my choices are related to Bing-bing ; ) 2 – Google searches as I type and often does not register all letters. It will get stuck on one and bring up sites for it, making it increasingly difficult to backspace and change my wording. It really irritates me. I often close out the search and reenter it via Bing.

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Oh, now I understand, re. (2) You are talking about Google Instant. I always keep this switched off, not because of the “search as you type” results (which I agree is irritating), but because all that jumping around makes me seasick. If you are interested, you can switch it off in Search Settings – that little gear wheel at the top right corner of the Google page.

Regarding the highlight/search, I am not sure, but I think this is related to the browser… I only started noticing it when I switched to IE8 (I know, everyone but me thinks that IE is evil); I think it is related to what they call “accelerators”. Perhaps they automatically use your default search engine – which would explain why I am offered a Google search, and you are offered a Bing search.

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Thanks! I switched it off and it does help. I still prefer Bing, though ; )

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Haha! I swear I don’t work for them, though I am sure it is starting to sound like it. :)

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LoL I’m not real ‘puter savvy and appreciate knowing how to disable that option. It still searches but seems less frantic now.

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Fun facts: from about 2001–2004, Yahoo’s search engine was powered by Google, and now it’s powered by Bing.
Thus, Google reigns supreme. Plus it’s the most fun (easter eggs, logo art, silly language options). Which leads me to restate my opinion that Google is the best alternative to Google.

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